Rambla in Joya, Rockwell

We’ve been seeing this resto for some time now but as we wanted to try it out with son along, it took a while for us to do so. Today was D-Day.

I think son would have preferred to go to Woodfire or something beside it but as his father wanted to try Rambla after learning it is owned by the same group that owns Las Flores, Rambla it was. No regrets.

Son ordered salad. I have the menu with me (that serves as the place mat also) so I won’t have to guess its name: Romaine Lettuce, crispy Iberian Ham, Marinated Tawilis & Parmigiano Cheese – what a long name for a salad. It’s more a listing of ingredients, right? When served, it looked like a tray of greens – so much for just P295. And it had son swooning. I got to try the ham only and it was crisp as crisp could get. The tawilis looked enticing but I didn’t want to encroach. C, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the dish though son sad, “Di siya vegetarian?” I answered, “She’s flexible.”

Husband ordered Roasted Bone Marrow With Crispy Onion and Toasts with Garlic Cream – again the dish’s name lists all of the ingredients. He enjoyed that. I tried it and might just order it next time.

I ordered Slow Crispy Suckling Pig with Mustard Sauce & Bok Choy. Initially I thought ugh, mustard. What if they use Dijon mustard which I don’t like as it resembles wasabi? But when I was told it was sweetish, I went for it. Sigh. So good.

For appetizer we had cod croquettes with bourbon vanilla. Five pieces for P225. This was yummy. There was just a hint of cod but who cares? It tasted really good.

Finally we shared Balearic Seafood Rice that had clams, shrimps (prawns) and crispy ham. It was soupy and had a certain spice I wasn’t too thrilled about. NO, not chili but something.

Finally for dessert we had Spanish Crispy Fried Doughs with Warm Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream. In Dulcinea they would call that churros con chocolate. I liked that the warm chocolate was thick. There were six pieces of churros only though so there was left over warm chocolate. How I wish I had the gumption to drink it. But I was shy.

Took only two pictures of what we had though. See the pork? Initially I thought how little – considering the price – but I was more than satisfied with two slices and took the third home. Take note, I gave son and husband small portions of the two slices at that.


The manager of Rambla looked familiar to husband. She used to be in Las Flores, apparently.

Oh – one sour point if you can call it that. They serve toasted flat bread (Catalan?) that was “kinda” tough. Free served with olive oil (the next table had balsamic vinegar – why didn’t we get any? I guess we ought to have asked. Anyway, husband who’s normally quiet told one of the resto personnel – your bread is tough. Son, in fact, said it was dangerous for the teeth. Pity I forgot to write that in my comments. Son said maybe that’s how the bread really is.

PS In the table next to ours, I saw this really thick burger that floored me. I think it was “Foie-Wagyu Burger with Roasted Potatoes & Romesco Sauce.” Good I didn’t order it. It was astonishingly high. Not wide but high/tall. Cost P725. It was almost as big as the potato – the burger alone. Has anyone tried it yet? And it looked really dense.


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