Customer Service at Datablitz Shangrila and then some

I wrote Datablitz just now saying:

Yesterday, son went to your branch in Shangrila and asked if a game he saw in SM Aura could be transferred to Shangrila as we go there more often. Shangrila branch said no, not even offering to help find where else the game is available. Whomever my son spoke to said they don’t know which branch has which game. Considering the nature of your goods and how techie the world has become, it astounds me that Datablitz has no database carrying this info. Or was your personnel slacking on the job?

Hope to hear a positive response or clarification at the very least regarding this matter. Is this true?


I wonder how quickly they’ll respond to this. Stay tuned.

This morning, Datablitz answered!

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 4.41.15 PM

As I had indicated the console in question in an earlier email, I just replied back:

FOR AVAILABILITY OF THE PRODUCT: Top 5 branches – Power Plant, SM Marikina, Gateway, Greenbelt 1.

Then I again got this reply from Datablitz:

Hello Mary!
May I know for which console is this please?

Warm regards,

Then later, I got the following response from them: 
We have available stocks at the following branches.
North Edsa, ATC, Bicutan, Centrio, Greenbelt, Marikina, Market! Market! MOA, Podium, Magnolia, Rockwell, SM Megamall.
For confirmation if the available stocks aren’t reserved please click the link below and contact the branches.
I answered:
I called North EDSA – no stock; Marikina – no stock – Podium – phone wasn’t being answered; SM Megamall and ROckwell – my son went there no stock either.

Only SM Aura and Greenbelt 1 have. I reserved in GB1 and Clarence said he’d reserve. 

Thanks for your prompt reply. It’s just a bit strange that some of the branches you mentioned don’t have it in fact.

After my last email, I no longer got a reply.
Still and all, I am glad it takes customer service seriously as proven by the fact that they didn’t ignore my emails.  Son got his game from GB1 and is extremely happy.
PS: Just now, I got another email from Datablitz:
Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 5.32.10 PM
way to go, Datablitz. Glad to know you listen to your customers!

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