imageWas bent on going to the grocery today as soon as husband got home. Thought it would be leisurely until husband said he needed to go to Muji. Dilemma – groceries in katipunan or Shang? Decided to do a quick one in the neighborhood. Bought mostly essentials (cooking oil, vinegar, laundry soap, etc. junk food and soft drinks). In 40 minutes we were done. But not before I saw this guy that elicited the name Ali Peek from my memory bank. Went back home and then left for Shang.

at dinner in Kettle on the fifth level of the east wing, mentioned seeing a basketball player to husband and son. Described him. Husband said he’s big. Son said if you weren’t scared it wasn’t he. I said I wasn’t so I surmised I was wrong. A few minutes ago, here at home, I googled and indeed it was AP I hd seen and I wasn’t scared. Told husband and son. Husband said he thinks the guy lives in the area. There. So there. I know my basketball players. I always kid husband that he watches sports so much I can recognize names of players of various sports. Incidentally, do you know Pedram something? No, he’s not a basketball player but does the weather for CNN. Cute guy who enjoys his work. Husband notices how he puts his weight on one foot a lot. I notice how frequently and disarmingly he smiles. But I digress. So what’s the point? husband watches CNN too often. So I recognize Pedram now.


Still on last night. Husband wanted to get school supplies in Muji. Meanwhile, I checked out and chose towels and a basket for them for cousin doctor, bath salts and soap too. Alas and alack they had no decent wrapping paper nor a gift box for it. I got impatient especially when I overheard them saying they’d get from Make Room or Rustan’s in the other building. I was in no mood to wait. Hungry as I was at almost if not 7 pm, I said I’d just go to rustans’s and buy towels there instead. That, I did with Marjorie patiently helping me choose. Towels were put in a box and wrapped in pink, ribboned purple. Happiness. The towels are on the 3rd floor of the old Shang building. I must not forget that because unlike before when I knew what floor sold what, after Rustan’s Shang remodeled, I no longer do. Toys are also on the second floor. Son said he browsed there and found this game that sold P600 more in Rustan’s than in Datablitz Aura. Now he regrets now having bought it in the latter. 😦 Why so expensive, Rustan’s?


As I mentioned earlier dinner was at Kettle. Good food. Good service. Ordered clam chowder soup, chorizo and gambas, salmon pasta, buttermilk chicken, and burger sandwich. When I asked for two extra spoons so I could have husband and son try the soup, the lovely waitress asked if I wanted two extra bowls too. Sweet of her. I happily said yes. Her solicitousness set the tone for the dinner. The chowder was served in a bread bowl and it had a lot of clams and potatoes [in Heat, the clam  chowder I didn’t see any clams in the chowder, nor taste it]. Chicken consisted of two boneless pieces that were served with gravy and honey mustard, son was swooning over his burger and will bring his leftover for lunch in the office. Husband finished his salmon and pasta which was good.  Dessert we had at home. Crack pie.

This morning I made it. For the first time. Son had tried the same in Breakfast something in UP Village. We also tried Gino’s here in Katipunan but UP Village’s is better.

What I made: Yummy crust made of oatmeal cookie made from scratch. Filling was tricky. Browned before it solidified. Same problem I had experienced when I made pecan pie decades back. But the pie was so good- taste wise. Very rich but really good. Son said I should sell this come December. Too laborious to do that, I thought. Plus I need to perfect the filling though in its less than perfect taste it was good. Maybe better than if it solidifies? Will try to post a photo. [I did it from my iPad without really thinking where I was when I clicked. Photo landed on the top of the page. I’m sure you’ll have seen it by now.]

Pardon any errors in this post. Typing on the iPad so my shoulder now Aches. Tomorrow I shall edit this. Done. It’s tomorrow now as I type this.


8 thoughts on “Various

  1. It looks good to me.
    I’ll teach S how to bake sa summer. Maisama eto sa list. Bought some ceramic weights for making pie crusts, para magamit naman.

    • Mula ngayon, manonood na ako ng CNN. I rarely watch TV, pero dahil sa kanya, I will. Hahahahaha! Yes, he is indeed so malikot and very enthusiastic. Syempre, na-cyberstalk ko na sya. Move over, Anderson.

  2. Hahahaha, have you seen Pedram? Very disarming.

    The pie – I was so obedient I followed instructions to the letter. Or tried to. By 15 minutes instead of 20, the pie was getting browner so HHA decided to follow the next set of instructions – to lower the oven temp to 325 (she lowered it to 200) and keep the oven door open for 10 minutes. I think you’re right. Maybe lower temp and bake for an hour. Look at the pie – it’s like butter soup, right? Tell me if you want to try it out one of these days. I’ll send you the link.

  3. Why, hello, Pedram. Bye, Anderson. Hahahaha!

    The pecan pie looks so yummy!!!
    Do you think lowering the temperature, with longer baking time, would help?

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