Culinary Goals for 2014

For the past two years, son got butter rum cake from someone in the office and each time, husband would ask, “Is it possible to put Kahlua instead?” I’d say yes but not do anything about it. But this year, I plan to try it out.

Just now I googled and most cakes with Kahlua are chocolate based. Then I found this. Hooray. But first I have to look for our old bottle of Kahlua. Will it still be usable?



Recipe taken from

If this comes out successful, I must try it using Cointreau instead of Kahlua. Husband likes Cointreau. Will Bailey’s cream also work with this?

Funny as I am not a liqueur fan so I’m not sure I’ll go beyond tasting the finished product. Another cake I used to bake but didn’t eat was prune cake. While as a rule I don’t bake or cook anything I don’t like, for people I love, I’ll do it. My mother loved prune cake.


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