Overcoming sloth


It’s so difficult to wean myself away from watching Koreanovelas. They make me smile a lot. But having started cooking/baking again, I’ll try to be less of a sloth and do more culinary things this 2014. Hahaha, do I see raised eyebrows there? Mine included? Or as a friend would say, “Ows?”

Thus far I’ve made the pie and now I made syrup for burong mangga. Big deal I’m making of that, shame on me. See, husband enjoyed the kilawin and burong mangga in Heat last New Year and what a shame that we had to eat there for him to eat such. Well, we did have kinilaw na tanguigue a few months back but then I forgot how he enjoyed that. So now I’m preparing the burong mangga which will be ready in two to three days after which I’ll ask HHA to make the kinilaw. But is there any fish that can be made into kinilaw? Tanguigue is so expensive – P500 plus per kilo! Two slices meant P200 plus. Arrgh.

In the past I used to bake a lot: mocha torta, peach pie, peach cake, carrot cake, chocolate cake, banana cake, pecan pie, butterscotch pie, black forest cake etc. But when husband developed (?) diabetes, I thought I should slow down and did. Thereafter, I usually baked only if my sister asked me to and then I’d bake for us here to. Having a family of just three members is difficult in the sense that it takes a week or so for one cake to be consumed. And this is discouraging as usually my cooking/baking momentum which surfaces in spurts has to be arrested because unless something I make is consumed immediately, the refrigerator cannot hold another cake or pie. My husband and son  are irked when they see the contents of the refrigerator but what can I do? In contrast the refrigerator in the studio only has water, ice, soft drinks and a circular box of cheese triangles. Short of stopping me from buying anything to put in there, son said “okay lang yun. May 7-11 sa baba.”

Oh well.


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