La Creperie in Esteban Abada

Felt like partaking of Ninyo’s Christmas offerings which will have their last day on Sunday. Alas and alack, Ninyo’s was full tonight. I called. Plus they no longer had the castanas something I so wanted to try. What to do? Or rather, where to go without wasting/using up gas?

La Creperie. In Esteban Abada.

The ramp to it is a bit iffy. It’s wide enough for a wheelchair but the turns are rather sharp. It’s divided into sections of varying lengths. But somehow, son managed. When I asked him if I could go there with C and HHB, he and his dad said we’d need the help of the security guard.

I forgot to take pictures so I’ll see in their website if they have photos of what we had. Ordered French onion soup which the lady offered to divide into two when I asked for extra bowls. She did and I asked for another bowl where I put a portion so each of us would get to try it. Why not one order each? A bit too much. Plus that would add 2 x p175 to our bill. Cheapskate, I know.

Husband ordered spaghetti. It was okay, he said. Son had this crepe arranged like a handkerchief during child’s play. At first he offered to share it because he thought it was a bit much. I said it was too thin to share. He listened to me. Finally my burger came. And both of them were envious. They said it was the best of the orders bar none. It had emmenthal cheese, the menu said. One bun had herbed cheese. The thing was served open faced style. The bun with the cheese had a green leaf and two slices of tomatoes. The burger was served with fries and ketchup. Yummy. It wasn’t dry, it wasn’t bloody. It didn’t feel like it had extenders and wasn’t dense.  I’m glad I ordered it.

For dessert we had the chocolate crepe with almonds, mango and whipped cream. That was also quite good.

Will we be back? Likely.

Sour points: aside from the ramp, it was a tad noisy. We were beside a long table of yuppies or were they college students and our table of three had to project our voices so we could hear each other. Worse when the blender was on. And we were near the counter, ergo we were hardest hit by the wind and cold of the aircon units. Our paper napkins flew, as in literally flew to the ground. Son surmised they must be picking up/sweeping a lot of napkins off the floor. Next time we or I go there, I’ll make sure I’m near the door or somewhere in between. It was brrr…… like the polar something (vortex) was in the resto. I exaggerate.

Now to find photos online. Found none of our orders but there are photos of La Creperie in this blog site I saw. one of the photos is that of salpicao but the Esteban Abada branch didn’t have it.

Re photos, filched the ones below from the resto’s FB page. Incidentally, a number of customers had laptops with them, another group was playing cards. Seeing those, I wondered – what if suddenly there are eager diners but no tables left, some of them occupied by those who had finished eating but were playing cards or surfing or whatever? what then? Beside LC is Craft, a coffee place, I think. It has an open air section but wow, I don’t think that’s a nice place to be when the wind blows. Beside it is an estero so that when we were going down the ramp, we could smell it. The estero, not the resto.

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 9.23.19 PMScreen shot 2014-01-10 at 9.27.16 PM

On the plus side, the jovial atmosphere also made me think about inviting my nieces and nephews there on my birthday or thereabouts. But that is such a long way off I may change my mind. 🙂


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