Parking in 6750 is quite a challenge for a Starex if a humanoid in a wheelchair has to descend it through the back door. The building’s ceilings are low so one has to look for a slot where the ceiling is higher. Husband forgot that there’s a slot on one level for PWD parking but after several rounds of looking for a slot, he found one facing Ayala that allowed me to get off through the back door. Whew.

So why were we there? To buy a watch strap for a sports watch (Philip Stein). As the strap we needed was rubber, it wasn’t available in the many PS branches. After months of postponing the deed, I decided that once and for all, so I could erase it in my list of to-do’s, we should get the strap. Luckily for me, they didn’t have just the strap available but keepers on retail too at P200 per (as opposed to the P2k strap). Whew. 🙂


On the way out of the parking building, decided to call 87878 for delivery of Aida’s chicken in the studio. I could have ordered the chicken from the house in QC but the charges would have peaked – P600 or so beyond a certain km radius in addition to 10% delivery charge and 5% handling charge. Why was I so keen to order from Aida’s? years back, son went to Bacolod for the masskara festival and said Aida’s inasal in Manukan Country is the best. As going to Bacolod is so far off a possibility for me, I googled and found out it’s available in Metro Manila. Hence, the obsession.

In addition to the inasal, I ordered kansi. Okay, TPS, I was so envious of your beef ribs in batwan and learned that kansi is cooked with batwan as souring ingredient. So there. Also ordered the salted fried rice but forgot to order the pancit guisado. Arrgh. Verdict? Inasal was small (smaller than the Bacolod one, a friend of son’s told him) but it was good. Very tender and juicy (not a hotdog though -corny). The kansi – the sourness didn’t make me look like Tugak or the bald model of Datu Puti; it was just right. I saw the batwan floating around but didn’t have the heart, okay, courage to try how it tasted if bitten. TPS, did you actually eat the batwan? As for the salted fried fish rice, it’s not tinapa (smoked) fish but the kind that’s made to dry out it under the sun. Not very helpful, am I?

I hope to order from Aida’s again. Bitin just one leg actually. But I’m not sure I can finish two either.


Saturday nigh we had dinner with a friend in Rambla. Our bill was not as much as I expected, perhaps because I ordered mostly appetizer type food. No rice. Oops I hope the friend didn’t go home hungry. What did we order? A prawn omelette – that was the last. Not very tasty though – could have used more salt or something. Ordered this dish that was supposed to and did have: organic eggs, potatoes and chistorra. The appearance when it was served was a shock. I exaggerate but you get the drift. It was served in a black stoneware or metal casserole, a tiny one. The poached egg was on top but had to be broken and mixed with the rest of the ingredients. Then the thing became soupy. Saw slices of chorizo but no potatoes. The girl who served us there were three slices of potato. There were four of us, so I guess I was the runt. Our friend said – you saw there are four of us – you put three slices? She was being funny, apparently.

Again had the bulalo thing husband ordered. The bones were huge and they must have taken up most of the dish’s weight – I presume they’re measured weight-wise when prepared. So there was a little of the meat there – hardly enough to cause cardiac problems. Dish ended up being too expensive therefore. Total amount of meat from the three slabs of bone (that sounds so wrong) must have been 1.5 tbsps?

We also ordered son’s favorite salad with tawilis and cheese and ham. Cod croquettes with vanilla. Ricotta gnudis and inside out cannelloni. The cannelloni and omelette were disappointing.

The dessert: it’s not mentioned in the menu online but it’s the one with seven different chocolates on a bed of chocolate sauce. In the menu it says that it’s not for sharing but the four of us did share it and we survived – I mean, we didn’t feel deprived. I enjoyed that but son wasn’t impressed.

Note that the resto bar gets really full by 8 pm. A resigned Palace person was there with his partner and some friends….


Ganso Shabuway or something for lunch yesterday. It was so good and tasty. Like Healthy Shabu-shabu they now have menu sets. A menu set for 2 could actually feed three people and I didn’t have to add a petite portion of beef and scallop balls. The 250 grams of meat with the set is more than adequate – really more generous than that in HSS which has less meat in a set. Veggies were generous and the broth was so good I ate the veggies. There were two sauces to dip in the meat and veggies but they weren’t that necessary because the broths were so tasty. I think I said that twice already. Broth could either be plain or spicy. We got both and so whenever I found the broth in my bowl too spicy, I’d just dilute it with the plain. Happy happy lunch. Plus the man who took our order was smiling and energetic I just had to ask son what his name was so I could credit him in the blog post I was planning. Son read “Henry”. Later he said “he’s the manager.” I was impressed even more. Usually, managers just stand and smile. Henry was serving and was everywhere. Lucky Ganso to have Henry in their employ. He was more energetic than anyone else in the resto. And his smile was genuine. way to go, Henry. We will be back.


Got some bread at Bread Talk. The lady who attended to me was Erika – from start to finish. She went around with me as I chose and put them on the tray for me, then brought my choices to the cashier. While waiting she asked if I had a card. I thought she meant a Bread Talk card and said no, while adding, “Anong card?” She said, “Ay sorry ma’am ha pero…” Then I figured she meant a PWD (or did she think senior citizens’? ARrgh. Ughh…). Still I was grateful and thanked her as I handed my card. And I got a P40 discount, I think. Her name was Erika if my eyes served me right


2 thoughts on “gallimaufry

  1. I boiled the batwan in the broth then fished them out. I then mashed and strained them, so wala nang nasama sa broth; I didn’t try to bite it either.
    Favorite ko ang kansi. First time kong makatikim nun when we moved here. There’s this store near TheHusband’s office that cooks one mean kansi. Tumaas yata cholesterol ko dahil dun. I tried cooking it, pero wala yung genuine Bacolod taste. 😦

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