I came across an article in Time magazine’s online version about Detroit Museum’s plight (its being low on funds). The same article had photos of some beautiful paintings in the museum’s collection, among them Matisse’s “The Window”:


Found it so pretty and googled it. That I did led me to the works of Carl Larsson and I’ve become a fan. I like the colors and themes of Larsson’s art work. TPS, somehow they reminded me of Cath Kidston.


If I had more walls I’d want to buy a print here.

But I have to be realistic and be content with looking at them online.

Larsson’s colors and style remind me of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit artwork.

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 7.13.20 PM


7 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Nakigaya lang ako. Come to think of it, hindi ko na napa-frame yung pinakamalaki. Nasan na kaya yun?
    I also dabbled on cross-stitching, pero konti lang natapos ko. Hindi ako pulido mag-stitch. I like crocheting, but I can’t anymore kasi lumalala ang wrist pain ko (carpal tunnel syndrome yata). I want to make a quilt again. I made one more than a decade ago. Nasira na. S is requesting that we make one.

    • I have a cross-stitch project that will turn two in April – not finished yet. If it were human, tumatakbo na at may ngipin. I can’t believe you’re not pulido in anything. How did you develop carpal tunnel syndrome? From editing? Nice if you could make a quilt with S. Cath Kidston cloth or similar!

      • Hahahahaha! Natawa naman ako sa teething.

        My officemate and ninang sa kasal is very pulido mag-cross-stitch. I didn’t even know that I wasn’t pulido. Then I saw her work, mapa-likod or mapa-harap, ang linis. Apparently, there should be only one direction ang pag-stitch. I think I finished a Christ silhouette in gold over black, a bluebird clock, and another one I can’t remember na. She tried to teach me tatting, but I was hopeless at it.

        Re CTS, yes, from editing. I practice proper body mechanics and positioning, but it’s really one of the job’s main hazard. My quilt is floral, but more on pastel-y than shabby chic. Grabe naman ang CK fabric, parang may halong ginto sa mahal. Hahahaha!

        • Ay, the back of my cross-stitch projects are a shame. I have a doctor friend – surgeon – her friends also complimented her for having neat front and back cross-stitch projects. Wala ako diyan. Wow, you made very memorable projects!

          Re CTS – have you tried stress balls? When I feel pain in my wrist, I get a stress ball and somehow the pain eases.

          As for CK fabric, get approximations though pastels are more comforting to look at, I’m sure.

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