I love words

Words fascinate me, especially learning new ones though I almost always promptly forget their definitions plus they always show me how little I know. Still and all, I’d like to share three words today, namely: kerfuffle, gravitas, and kaffeeklatsch. Kerfuffle sounds so quaint, typical of the British. Gravitas reminds me of gravity and grave. Kaffeeklatsch – I’ll never have one, maybe a soda klatch or a mixture of both? their definitions all taken from Merriam Webster mobile:



Truth to tell I only discovered a few minutes ago how “rich” an experience the MW dictionary mobile provides. See, last night, I was reading the article on Janet Yellen in Time magazine and saw the word kerfuffle. I looked it up in the dictionary and hours later, when I tried to recall what the word was, I couldn’t remember. Okay, call me weird, but after typing some permutations, among them keffufle and not finding the word in the dictionary, I decided to check all the K words because I knew there wouldn’t be too many of them. Found kerfuffle and when I typed it on the search box, I saw somehow saw some parallel lines on the upper left corner of the page. 


I pressed (touched?) it and this was what it led to:


That was another indication of what a dunce I was. The dictionary has this feature. Had I known, I could just have pressed “recent” and found kerkuffle more quickly. I checked out the words in recent and one of them was gravitas, also mentioned in the article on Yellen. Kaffeeklatsch I saw when I was scrolling down the “K” words. I guess, it wasn’t too bad an exercise then, looking at the K list of words because it led me to kerkuffle and yet another new word, kaffeeklatsch.

I also realized when I took a screen shot of the Search page that underneath is a “word of the day”.





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