La Creperie in Esteban Abada

First time we went was last week. A few days ago, I ordered cheeseburger takeout. Today had lunch there with son. Very filling and good: onion soup for him, crepe with bacon for him, potato soup for me, crepe complete for me, crepe with dulce de leche and ice cream for both of us, Coke for both of us. So now I am physiologically a sloth by circumstance – from being too full. Everything was good and I’d like to add La Creperie in my list of go-to restos in the area but for two things: a ramp that is convoluted – like a Space Shuttle’s path, son said; and this orange pipe (see picture). First time we went, someone removed the pipe from the path for the disabled. Today no one did so the wheelchair had to cross over it with difficulty. Going out we skipped the orange pipe by force of circumstance (check out the picture) which, in a sense, proved to be a blessing in disguise. We skirted the disabled path which was blocked by the car in the photo but in front of that car there was no more pipe in the way but a not so high step to negotiate. There was no car there to contend with.

The ramp is I guess a given we have to live with but it also means I cannot go to LC without a man to push me up the obstacle course. The pipe, oh the pipe, and people parking in the path of the disabled sign. Those are no-brainers. Read between the lines, pun intended.Image


7 thoughts on “La Creperie in Esteban Abada

  1. Angus beef was good but since the serving was really quite small, you could hardly taste it plus there were fat parts so, thought was not worth the price 😦 my husband got the burger, it was 295. For our 1,500. bill, think we could have had a hefty meal in a chinese resto, haha!

  2. Coming from Sunday mass at OLPP, decided to have dinner nearby & chose to explore La Creperie. Place is cozy, my son & I got the angus beef from the all day bfast menu. Verdict: thought t’was kinda pricey at 395. for the rather small portion of the meat itself, never mind the eggs which they had 2 in a serving.

  3. Hahaha, was wondering about your comment so I googled the song and saw the first line: “Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling”. You’re so witty. And you know so many things!

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