La Creperie again in Shangrila this time (2nd floor)

Whaaat? Is it habit-forming?

Earlier, husband and I hied off to Shang because I felt the time we spent there last night was too brief. Plus there was a good excuse: the item husband bought in True Value that he wanted to make into a book rack when it is in fact a shoe rack he could not finish assembling. Was I pleased!

The personnel of TV are so kind. They offered to wheel me as I looked around by myself. At first I allowed it but later realized I was too shy to let them do it for much longer. So I said thank you, I’d wheel myself.

Outside the store, while waiting for husband, I saw the “As seen on TV” vacuum cleaner. Wow, the spiel of the seller was so long and I couldn’t get in a word edgewise. I think I tried thrice and deprived of a chance to speak, I had a coughing spell. Soon after I left and texted husband I was going to Rustan’s on the third floor. Before I could get to the elevator, saw a high school classmate and while I was so happy to see her, I was scared I’d have a coughing fit before long. She sensed I was in a bit of a rush as I glanced at the elevator which had passed us a few times and we said our goodbyes. Before I could reach the elevator, another friend saw me. She was very anxious when she learned I was alone. She asked, “Where are you going? I’ll take you.” She was on her way to lunch with family on the 6th floor. I demurred and assured her I could take care of myself. Such a sweet person this friend is. Very sincere and caring. She’d sometimes suddenly send me Ma Mon Luk siopao from out of the blue. Once she texted and asked if I wanted her to buy me some fresh seafood from Farmers’ Market.

At Rustan’s I thought of getting a toy for my sister’s grandson for his birthday. But I also wanted to get the bed cover (quilted) I had seen last night, and which the seller said was from India. Happier looking personnel attended to me and when I asked to see other designs of the Indian bed cover, one of them showed me a Rustan’s one. I insisted on seeing the Indian ones like the one on the bed. Then another girl came and said these were Rustan’s own. Ngek. I got one so I can sleep well tonight, my obsession appeased. Before long, husband came and said he was ready for lunch.

Okay, forgetful me thought La Creperie was on the third floor. wrong. It’s Figaro on the third, LC on the second. Husband ordered what I did yesterday – the Complete crepe. I ordered corned beef (from the all day breakfast menu) with onions and potato, rice topped with garlic bits and lettuce leaves with diced tomatoes. Husband ate most of the salad of course, maybe I had three tiny leaves. We shared a creamed lettuce soup. Soylent green colored. Oops, bad joke? It was a deep green color. Nice. We didn’t order dessert though as the over-full experience of yesterday told me to stop at lunch in LC. The crepe desserts are so filling that at least 3 people should share them.

Husband bought a blue tooth wireless mouse at Digital Walker. They didn’t allow that the box to be opened so sight unseen, husband got that. Wow, it’s so small, its amazing. Smaller than the palm of the hand, size wise. Two match boxes big. This photo is deceiving. It’s really tiny it can fit one’s front pocket:

ImageHusband hasn’t yet tried it though.

Went inside MCS (Marlboro) store on the second floor of the old wing. Some items go at 80% off. Impressive right? One item selling at that discount was still selling at just over P1k. And if discounts are as big as that, expect supply to be really low. Broken sizes You’re blessed if you find your size.

Columbia in East Wing also had items being sold at discounted prices. More sizes available there but discounts are not as big percentage wise.


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