Shangrila January 2014

Late yesterday afternoon, hied off to Shangrila and got there at 6. Yes, traffic was bad. Ergo we had only 4 hours to go around.

First stop was True Value where husband bought a shoe rack he’ll put atop his work table to serve as a book rack. It was on sale at 30% off. Also got a collapsible Life Time table that was being sold at 20% off. The Lifestyle chair wasn’t being sold at sale prices though but we needed one so… And they were also selling Lifestyle stools at P300 plus. Reasonable price I think for the quality. Lifestyle in a competitor of Lifetime, just as Primetime is of Lifetime. It’s not only in the Philippines where new brands try to mislead by copying a portion of the name of a better known brand. Got HHB Sloggers that look like Crocs but cost a third of the price of Crocs. This is a belated “gift” considering I gave HHA Sloggers boots way back because she develops dermatitis when her feet get wet while washing clothes. How she loves the Sloggers and wears them almost the whole day! I was relieved HHB didn’t care to have the boots because what if she did? You’d see me being pushed in malls by a boots-fitted person even if there’s no rain or flood. Heavens.


went to Travel Club and got this for son because he actually needs what’s inside it:



The aforementioned plus dinner (Woo Galbi) left us with 3 hours to go around. Sob.

Re WG, they have some sushis at 20% off so we got the creamy crab. Wasn’t too impressed and husband and I shared one experience with it. See, I think sushi, no is it called maki, the one with the seaweed around it, is meant to be eaten whole even if it’s as huge as your palm. I exaggerate but you get the drift. Served before the sushi or maki were 6 kinds of side dishes: spinach salad, sweet beans, peanuts, beansprouts, pepino salad and kimchi (yup, I eat my veggies in K restos). So in between mouthfuls of side dishes, I took a sushi/maki. OOps, at one point I thought I would choke on something. I tried to recall what I had just put in my mouth and I think it was the creamy crab. I got over the near choking without my husband noticing or me going into a coughing fit. Not too long after, husband made a grunting sound. I asked what caused it. He said the stringy like thing from the sushi/maki nearly got stuck in his throat. Conclusion: ……. I don’t really know.


After dinner we went to Pismo and didn’t get anything. Then we proceeded to the jewelry shop of the former student of husband. I thought husband was merely teasing me when he said “It’s dark in the watch shop already” – which was beside and owned by the same family. Then he said “O, it’s also dark in the jewelry shop.” But we caught the three ladies who man it and as I had texted them earlier about something, they knew why I was there. But they didn’t have it – it was in another branch. Moral of the story which one of them told me when I asked – in malls, jewelry stores open late and close early. Conclusion…… draw one. I decided, maybe, it wasn’t time. I didn’t force the issue and instead went to the main wing.

Ah no, I went and waited in Brics, an Italian bag place. Here you’ll feel bad if you don’t have a Metrobank credit card which allows you to get a lot of stuff at 50% off, otherwise you can get them at just 15% off. Do I drag my brother-in-law there to avail of discounts? Nah. But they have good stuff

Actually the main reason I was at Brics was to kill time while husband went to the rest room. He was taking so long I decided to wheel myself to The Art of Scent across after I saw the brand name Jean Patou whose Eau de Patou I loved to use in college. Alas and alack, they didn’t have them, just Eau de Joy which I don’t really like. They did have Jo Malone which I sniffed for the first time. Lovely. But so expensive at P8k for 100ml. No guts yet to spend that much for a scent. 😦

Went to Gourdos where they have some items on sale but wasn’t inclined to buy any. Instead I got a wilton brand measuring spoon set that had a 1/8 tsp for under P300. Not bad. Also got a yellow silicon spatula that’s continuous as opposed to those whose head can be removed. Hopefully this will last.

Then off to Rustan’s for a gift for my wedding godchildren’s baby. I noticed that some Fisher Price toys’ materials are no longer special looking the way they were in the 70s when I first learned of the brand. The plastic looks so thin – like it’s no FP. So I went to the Little Tikes section which had similar toys with better/harder/sturdier plastic. That done I hied off to the bedsheets section of Rustan’s. The guy who attended to me looked exhausted as I couldn’t make up my mind on what to buy. So I ended up with nothing though I might go back for a quilted Indian (he said) bed cover I couldn’t stop thinking of. I hope it’s not he who attends to me when I do. He might give me the cold shoulder if I take time to decide. His brand of service was so unlike Sheridan’s personnel whom husband said later might have already wanted to go home as by then it was close to 10 pm or closing time but never let me feel they were impatient.

See they had sale items but only of duvets. I wanted bedsheets. So the younger personnel led me to their bedsheets and pillow cases. I didn’t want plain of both, so I was looking for a printed set of pillowcases to go with the bedsheet I had chosen. I finally made a choice when she must have sensed I wanted something less pricy. She suggested we look at the pillowcases being sold at a discount, thereby allowing me to save P1k.

And as before, they reminded me to get raffle tickets and wished me luck. And like I did the last time, I said I’d give them a ride in the Mercedes SUV should I win. So the gods of raffles, choose me! I wish.


TPS I read in your blog or FB post how you teased your friends you’d give Christmas presents for 2014 on Jan 2015 because so many items are on sale Januaries. Told the husband of your plan and he said it’s quite a good one.

That reminds me, the eco bags you gave me from there – one time I was in True Value in Power Plant. The manager (I think she was) so liked it she asked where I got it. I said a friend from Dumaguete sent it. O di ba, proud?





2 thoughts on “Shangrila January 2014

  1. Hahahaha! With the discount I got on the shoes, I just might do it.
    Nanghinayang ako sa eco bags. Nag-sale sila last year but I only bought a few, tapos biglang naubos. Their designs are cute, no?

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