Use in a sentence

These words I’d like to remember. But I need to use them in a sentence or even more for remembering to be easier:


OOps, I forgot to edit the Kakao ads. Sorry about that. Re the words, rictus reminds me of Joker’s grin. Quotidian – such a big word for its meaning. Esculent reminds me of the mushrooms TPS saw. Saudade is what someone I know is experiencing after her daughter left for graduate studies abroad. Zeitgeist, pastiche and sangfroid – sangfroid reminds me of elan but I guess it refers to something with more depth; zeitgeist – what would you say it is for our country under PNoy? Pastiche – can a eureka moment emerge from a pastiche? My blog site is a pastiche of events, experiences, and thoughts that make up my life



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