Alba’s Tomas Morato


A few days ago, a friend and I planned to have lunch together but as my pressure sore was giving me problems again, I asked if it would be okay for us to have it here at home in my bedroom so I wouldn’t have to sit on my wheelchair. She being my best friend who’s seen me at my worst agreed – I knew she would and I have no qualms about having her see the mess that the house is. So next question was what to have for lunch. I asked: Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino? She said “Spanish.”

I proceeded to check out Spanish restos. I saw Galli Cafe when I googled but as it doesn’t deliver, it was not an option. I thought of Casa Armas but the last time I ordered paella from it, there was so little meat I couldn’t believe I paid so much for it. So that too was out. Then I went to the website where cuisines are arranged in various ways: alphabetically, by type of cuisine, location, etc. And I found Alba’s. I pre-ordered on Tuesday (online because my phone was not working for a short time) and got a confirmation call thereafter. Seamless. Today was d-day and I’ve decided that: from now on, when I think of Spanish food for delivery, Alba’s will be top of mind. I ordered only 3 dishes: callos, paella valenciana and cuchinillo. I couldn’t believe how good and satisfactory these dishes were when they came both in terms of quality and quantity. The paella had lots of meat in it: chicken, chorizo, seafood–so that it almost felt like I was looking for rice rather than meat when scooping some of the paella onto my plate. The callos was good, as expected, but the cuchinillo was great beyond expectations. Consider that it was delivered a certain distance and not from kitchen to table – yet the crispness of the skin was so there. Makes me ponder over the possibility of ordering cuchinillo in lieu of lechon when I have a craving for the latter. A portion consists of 3 slabs and is accompanied by lechon sauce. Happiness.

Husband, son and I will have the leftovers for dinner. I am so looking forward to dinner – the leftover nature of it notwithstanding.

Thanks, Alba’s T Morato! I’ll order again someday. Maybe soon?


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