SALES Galore in Shangrila Jan 2014

The past times we were in Shangrila I didn’t “feel” the sale as much as I did last night. For one, there was the Blue Cross sale in Debenhams (3rd level, old building) that meant as much as 70% off. Long sleeves polo shirts that normally sell at almost P2k were selling at P700 last night. As we went in the evening, I no longer saw the designer bedsheets et al. – the shelves were empty! There were two cashiers behind one counter, another two behind the other counter and the lines were really long. But the shoppers patiently lined up. Happy days for both the store and the shoppers. Sale is until Feb 15.


At True Value too, we were so pleasantly surprised. Son was gifted an overhead bike rack for his car so father suggested to get a step ladder. Chose a Werner brand one that was pegged at P2699 or something. Did we smile when the cashier said it was down to P1800 something. Another reason to smile.


At Marks & Spencer many shirts and polos for men and ladies sold at 50% off. Got a blue check blouse to console myself because I had bought an orange one months back at the full price. Rationalizing. But I had really wanted to get the blue one then except that I thought it was too indulgent to get two of the same color at the same time. :-p Christmas goodies were being sold at 50% off. Some cereals were also sold at discounted prices.

Another item we were surprised was being sold cheaply was a pair of cufflinks. At Bergamo we were shown two pairs with matching buttons at P7.5k. Son didn’t want those, so we went to Debenhams (no stock) and then Marks&Spencer. Initially the types we saw had Christmas motifs like Christmas trees and Christmas balls. I think they were going at less than P300? Asked the store personnel whether they had non-Christmas ones and after a while, he showed us three designs. Got two pairs – one tagged at P595, the other at P2995. When we went to the cashier, guess what, the more expensive one was being sold at P995. Happiness! 🙂


Got son a 33% off shirt at Marlboro Classics. They didn’t have his size at first but I asked if they could call another branch. Success – Megamall. This was 7:30 pm or thereabouts. They asked if we wanted the shirt last night and I said “if possible, so we don’t have to come back.” They asked for an hour and texted when it was  ready. Hurray! Of course, MCS is a Store Specialists store, so such service shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Had dinner at this Japanese resto beside Ikkoryu on the 5th level of the new wing. Name of resto starts with a K. Of course I can’t recall what. Maybe after the third visit? The resto is like Yabu, offering tonkatsu meals with unlimited soup, cabbage, pickles, rice and tea. Son was raving. I could hardly taste the food because I have bad colds again. But I could somehow taste the red miso soup and it was good. I could also taste the japanese dessert made of black sesame seeds. It has a Japanese name I can’t remember what (again!). Just ask what their best-seller is among the desserts. For appetizers we got the ebi mayo – good. The tofu was difficult to handle with chopsticks at my competence level but it was refreshing. Maybe like taho (though I don’t eat taho) because it was served cold. Service was a bit spotty. We had to remind them of our soup several times after all our dishes were served and I saw some tables being served the soup. But the personnel were smiling and eager to please, I guess it’s just birth pangs (pains?).  Resto has same owner as Ikkoryu.


So there, catch the sale at Shang. Stock up on gift items for Christmas and birthdays in 2014. If I had the resources and space to do so, I would. 🙂


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