Is music therapeutic?

I have cough, colds and asthma again. One moment, I think I am all right, then suddenly I feel the nose getting stuffy or the throat feeling scratchy so I reach for a glass of water or Fisherman’s something, or Storck or Strepsils. The Fisherman thing son recommended. Years back, I tried it and it tasted YUCKY. But maybe because son brought it for me, I tasted it and found it tolerable. Plus it’s sugar free. And it reminded me of a lozenge long since forgotten by me: Dequadin lozenges. In fact I had forgotten its name, googled and found it. I’ve asked HHB to get me some.

So what about the music and therapy? This morning was talking to a relative over the phone. Then she coughed and seemed embarrassed. I said not to worry I had it too. She said hers has been with her since December 22 (tandang tanda niya pa) and no amount or kind of medication has seemed to work. I feel the same way.

I’ll try music then. Earlier today, I watched the video of a friend’s daughter dancing to a lilting tune. Son asked me to ask my friend what song it was. As my friend wrote Happy atop the video and she hadn’t answered my query, decided to search in YouTube. Indeed the music was entitled Happy and here I’d like to share it with you. According to the writeup underneath it, the song is from the soundtrack of Despicable Me 2.

But I also saw this on someone’s FB wall, so do I just follow Snoopy’s advice?

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 6.16.25 AM

Or my doctor-cousin’s?

“More shopping and more pasyal”


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