TIPS from on how to make life easier condensed its many tips on how to make life easier into 100 images – very helpful ones, I agree, but quite overwhelming if taken in one blow. They’re randomly arranged too. From said post, I’ve chosen those I found novel and there were quite a number. I’ll try to post a few here and a few others in each of the coming days.

I do the following with any scrap of paper I can find when I’m in the mood. If the paper is too thin, fold it a few times to make it sturdier:


This tip isn’t necessary if you keep tabs of what’s in your ref or pantry, but who does? Not I. I think there are smart refs in the market?’


I don’t like tough food so this is a capital idea, except that I haven’t had a bread toaster in ages! Is this excuse enough to get one?

ImageI am always ready to cringe when I see anyone with a hammer and nail. The tip below is worthy of consideration:Image

Wow, uncooked spaghetti can be used to light a candle? Cool. No need for a barbecue stick.


the tip below is a bit unwieldy, methinks, the vacuum cleaner being too heavy/bulky. Son sometimes buys this thing in a can that has a straw like that in WD40 to achieve the same end as the suggestion below. But it costs. Recently he discovered a novel way of doing the job. I must ask him what it was. Suddenly, I can’t remember. Was it a handheld fan he used?

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 6.41.07 AM


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