Customer service in a resto – peeved but grateful in the end, and then some

Called this resto. I said, “pwede pa deliver?”

Answer: Yes, ma’am. Pwede makuha address niyo?

Me: saying what my address is

Answer: pwede na lang makuha name niyo?

Me: my name

Answer: pwede makuha address niyo?

Me: exasperated and between asthmatic breaths – my address again

Answer: phone number po?

Me: my phone number

Answer: Okay po. Dahil po umabot kayo ng P500 at sa Loyola Heights kayo, libre ang delivery.

Me: yehey.

Restaurant? It’s a Japanese one, not Teriyaki Boy.

I thought when she asked for my address that they had a database or something. Apparently she was not listening when I first gave it?

Now why do I order food for lunch today? It’s market day and HHA is out. Left the house at 9 a.m. Went to Marikina. Not back yet. She takes forever.

yesterday, at 12 I called her. HHB said HHA was in the bathroom. She does anything and everything just before lunch. If I have ulcers now, blame it on her. No matter that I scold her, she doesn’t change. You cannot teach old dogs new tricks is not a cliche.


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