Frozen and I

People were talking about it, particularly the song

So I downloaded and began watching the movie but there were so many distractions, I opted to stop.

Then last Sunday, son said let’s watch it on TV (versus my laptop). He had watched it once on the big screen with his girlfriend. As the invitation meant a date of sorts, I acceded. And it was time well spent, the bonding between us being the most precious as son enlightened me re some scenes that confused me. At the start too, I reasoned, “I am so used to watching shows with subs” that made him offer, “you want me to download?” but I said no as that might mean waiting a while.

The story was a departure of sorts for Disney which produced cartoons that always had perfect looking people in them and had damsels falling in love at first sight with a prince. Not so here but you have to watch it to see what I mean. And guess what, my favorite song of the lot is not “Let It Go”. It’s this one:

and its derivative

So shoot me?

Melodically, I prefer “Do You Want to Build a Snoqman” and the lyrics are lighter, yet more direct. “Let it go” is one song that will be studied and belabored in terms of message, subtexts, etc., interpretable according to one’s lived experience.

Or is it just I?


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