A First – Paseo de Sta Rosa

Yesterday, son texted, “Let’s go to Nuvali tomorrow. Do you think traffic will be bad?” I answered, “Let’s see.”

Son slept late last night, husband even later. There goes Nuvali, I thought. But when son woke up at around 9, he said “Let’s leave at 11.”

Actually last night we brought up other possibilities: SM Aura, Ayala Alabang – in other words, none of our frequent haunts. But somehow, we decided on Nuvali this morning.

Left the house at a quarter past 11. Traffic wasn’t bad. we were in Sta. Rosa by 12:30 or thereabouts. But as son checked WAZE, he saw that traffic to Nuvali was bad. So we decided to go to Paseo de Sta Rosa instead, a first for son and myself; husband has been there on a field trip stopover.

The wind was cool and even as the sun was out, perspire we didn’t. Nice. We must not have been too hungry yet because before finally going to Racks, we meandered. Our car was parked where the SSI outlet stores were; we realized belatedly that Rack’s was on the other end of Paseo, nearer the highway. In fact the girl in a Korean and Japanese grocery didn’t know where Rack’s was; but the people in the Japanese store did and enlightened us.

There were several people in the Korean store so I wasn’t able to scour the place. The Japanese store had only one person around – the store personnel. He was later joined by a lady who was also a store personnel. They had lots of Kitkat variants. At first son got several boxes only to realize a box cost P795, each box with 12 mini Kitkats. Ultimately, I said let’s get just one box – he didn’t want to get any upon learning how much. We got the cheesecake flavored one. I said let’s add the Aero minis. the best flavor we were advised was the mint.

Wow, when we opened the packet of Aero mints in Racks after lunch, the contents were crumbly and anything but fresh; not melted but crumbly. Arrgh. The pack cost P295. Oh well, what could we do. Just be warned when you decide to get from that store. The Kitkat was okay when I opened it here at home a while ago. That Japanese store had a silk (?) kimono – lavender. P2500. I wanted to get one as gift but too expensive.

At Racks it was nostalgia time. There used to be a Racks branch in Katipunan. So we ordered a lot: brick of onion rings, their buttermilk bread; son ordered baby back ribs, husband ordered the classic, I ordered steak. The meat dishes and onion rings were good, their respective gravies and sauces as well. The bread was served with honey and butter. Don’t bother ordering this. So bland, even with the honey and/or butter.

Servings in Racks are huge – each of the dishes we ordered had two sidings. The corn on the cob was not just 1/3 of a corn, not even 1/2 but an entire cob divided into two per order. For my second siding I ordered mashed potato but when I got home, it was nowhere in sight (I took home what I couldn’t finish); the salad was present. No sauces or gravy either. The corn was present.

Service was good except for the takeout that lacked sauces and mashed po. 😦


The stores – we entered so many, I doubt I can remember what they were. Levis (which also sells Dockers stuff) – pants were size 30 or lower so of course we didn’t get any. There were two pairs of printed pants – one pink, the other blue. I’d have fit in them when – oh no, never? They were size 25. I don’t think I know anyone who can fit into them. P1200 per.

We also went to Santi’s. Wow, what a selection. we were tempted to get cheeses and cold cuts but that would not have been practical, right? They’re available here in Metro Manila branches anyway. Speaking of which – does anyone know where I can get tapioca flour? Santi’s doesn’t carry it. I want to try out a recipe my niece shared. Will Healthy Options have it, do you think?

We went inside Timberland. Wow, some pairs of shoes were selling at 50% off. In the past we’d go to Timberland in Shangrila but never got anything – everything was just beyond our budget. But at 50% off, son got a pair of shoes, husband socks.

At Debenhams, son got pants – P1400. At Marks & Spence where he hoped to get another pair, he found none. He tried on coats – not one was a good fit. Husband got a diet drink.

There’s a Crocs outlet but most footwear were for women. A child’s Crocs that sells at P2300 was pegged at P1600. We left empty handed also. Husband got foot soles from some store – Toby’s, I think. And a whistle that’s really loud – brand the referees use, he said. The idea of getting one was inspired by Eat Bulaga’s Handa sa Sakuna where they give out whistles in lanyards, I think. I kid but husband did say he’d use it for emergencies after son said – for noisy students?

Other stores in Paseo were Samsonite, Beauty Bar, Nine West, Payless, etc. Oh yes, the Nike store we first saw was small and had lots of people. The Nike store in the same complex as the SSI stores was more spacious. Husband was attracted to a pair of shoes but as he’s not into impulse buying, he didn’t get it and now regrets not having done so.


Re our choosing Rack’s – there’s a story behind that. Actually, when we learned there was a Rack’s in Paseo, husband and son chimed, “Yes, I want barbecue”. I was quiet. I had seen a Korean resto. Several in fact. There was Ryuma – but it was on the second floor and there was no elevator. A lady distributing brochures on a real estate development said DAOM was in another building with an elevator so even if it was on the second floor we could go. We went – but the elevator was too small, my wheelchair could fit width wise but the doors wouldn’t close. There were Japanese restos as well but these were on the second floor too.

OTher food places in Paseo: Shakey’s, Pancake House (a bit small), Kenny Rogers, Bon Chon.

At around 4:30 we decided to go home. No traffic. Happily.



2 thoughts on “A First – Paseo de Sta Rosa

  1. Hi TPS. The last time we went, we bought fish food (they sell it in a booth) and fed the fish. I guess I’m not scared to feed the fish because I’m so big.

    Re the tapioca flour, wow, I’d be so glad if you could find it for me. No success so far.

  2. Did you feed the fish in Nuvali? They scare me a bit — with their gaping mouths, all clamoring for food. Feeling ko they’d eat me if I fall dun sa pond.
    Do you still need tapioca? Will look for it here. Parang meron akong nakita.

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