A Dashed Dream

When there’s a raffle afoot, I always religiously fill up the coupons in the hope of winning. My raffle victories have included a dozen Darigold milk cans (okay, I’m old – this was in the 1970s and the raffle was conducted in our town), a keyboard (not the expensive brand from Rustan’s Katipunan shortly after it opened) and that’s it? Oh yes, I won a pager – Easy Call – was that for a Mentos raffle or something? And a box of Panda biscuits but this I didn’t claim as it required going to Sampaloc to claim it. So when I saw that Power Plant was conducting a raffle and the price was a studio unit in The Grove, I was hopeful.

Alas, my dream was dashed. I still have receipts in my wallet to be exchanged for raffle tickets because I forgot when the last day for doing so was. But again they’re of no use because a winner has been proclaimed. Congratulations to her, but I must admit, I am dejected.

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 1.52.16 PMOh wait, there’s one more raffle for which I have tickets – Shangrila mall’s. The price is a Mercedes, I think. And I won in a minor raffle in Shang before, I think. The price was a year-long pass to its theater, was it? Except that the theater is not conducive to people in wheelchairs for whom seating will have to be on the front row. Will I win the Mercedes? Optimistic, I know. But fate, do give it to me. I have promised rides to the personnel in Sheridan. 🙂


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