Mi hijo

Oops, hangover from Duolingo where I’m trying to learn Spanish. But I cheat – there are words that are alien to me so I check spanishdict.com for their translation.

Duolingo is addicting, especially when I get several correct. Then I want to go on and on. Funny because once after doing it for a long while, I watched a Koreanovela. Remember the latter has subtitles. I tried to translate what I was reading. Fail, of course.

Now why is this post titled “Mi hijo”?

See, our Internet connection was severed last night. Makes me wonder if husband forgot to pay our bill. Shh… don’t tell him I mentioned it. But I think that’s not the reason. I hope it isn’t. But if it’s any consolation, husband has this 4G (LTE) contraption from Globe, but mostly it registers 3G only. So much for truth in advertising. Another consolation is son’s manifestation of concern.

One, he decided to report the breakdown to PLDT. Alas and alack, their office phone is not PLDT. But guess what? He emailed PLDT. How quickly will PLDT respond? Hmmmmmmm…

Another manifestation of concern: he emailed me and asked

“What are you doing at home na? Cross stitch muna while the net is dead! hahaha”

Sweet, right? But I cannot cross stitch in this heat. I don’t even know the temp. Oops, I checked – wow 32 degrees Celsius. Ugghhhhh. Summer in Feb? That’s way too early.

Anyway, to answer son, I said I was reading old newspapers which take a back seat to my Koreanovelas. Actually, using husband’s LTE cum 3G only thingy, I am able to watch Koreanovelas but I have to be patient.

But I cannot watch Sherlock with the Cumberbatch guy in the lead and his Watson sidekick because I think the WD Live Hub is dependent on wifi? Have you watched Sherlock with these two guys in the lead? They are a riot. Sherlock has a lot of hubris, Watson is so sensitive. What a combo. I’m onto the third episode of Season 2. Three seasons so far with just 3 episodes it. How cruel, considering that seasons have gaps of a year each. Oh well, I can always re-watch because there are so many details one fails to catch during the first watching. Yup, I am no Sherlock Holmes. Hopefully, constant watching of the series will develop my aptitude to be an apprentice of his at least? Nah, no way. He’s way too sharp.

Oops, I just glanced at the title, it reads “mi hijo” and I end with Sherlock? At any rate, the series binds husband, son and me in the sense that they’ve watched it all, I’m on my way to achieving the same.




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