YABU – “ain’t” it sweet?

Look what I got in the mail, email that is:


We remembered.
We were thinking about how this month is truly special. After all, it’s not everyday we get to celebrate a friend. And because we’re in the mood to have some fun, we thought we’d make your day even better!
So from all from all your friends at Yabu, we’d like to wish you a very happy birthday! Please enjoy this special birthday coupon with your choice of a FREE Rosu 90g, Chicken 90g or Cream Dory 90g katsu set, redeemable at any Yabu branch within your birthday month.
Simply print out this email or present it using your smartphone with the coupon and control number to your server before ordering.  


We’re looking forward to celebrating and making your birthday extra special!





The Yabu Team

But with son not here on my birthday, maybe we’ll just order Serye barbecue which is my husband’s favorite – the pork barbecue in particular. I usually order chicken because I don’t find the pork tender enough. But I discovered something: their jototay is good. Not for arthritic persons though as it has cabbage and liver. But it is good – it has meat and veggies combined. Yes, I do eat veggies if the taste of the thing where they are is to my liking: shabu-shabu, now jototay. The name of the dish brings to mind a memory from childhood.

Back in the 60s, my mother would enroll in cooking class but wouldn’t see it to the end. My older sister’s yaya who by that time had become my yaya and our kusinera would take over and attend the cooking classes. One time she said they cooked “jototay” – a totally alien term to us. My sister said “hotayhotay”? I can’t recall now who reacted and said “Don’t say bad words”. Oh never mind, I guess an Ilonggo word that sounds a little like it is a “bad” word.


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