Going to Naia 1 through C5 and then some

Yesterday, I posted “Through the unbeaten path” detailing our trip to Naia 1 via C5, our getting lost from there to SLEX, our overshooting SLEX, etc. When I reread my post there were so grammatical mistakes I trashed it. But from that post I do want to share a few things:

If you’re going to any of the NAIA airports through C5, stay on the right, take the East Service Road. Do not, I repeat, do not go to the flyover and end up in SLEX. We were fortunate that while we did that yesterday, traffic wasn’t bad and we were able to turn from the first exit back to the road that led to NAIA. But it was very stressful for me who was worried about possible traffic and son’s missing his plane.

As earlier mentioned, we missed the turn that should have led us from NAIA to SLEX. Instead we took a road that had signs pointing to BGC and Makati. We turned somewhere and took the service road in front of Heritage Park that led us to SLEX. After talking to my sister about this experience, she said she had missed some turn there before too and ended up in Bicutan. We really should have more road signs. As in really.

In SLEX we missed the exit to Sta Rosa. Husband realized this when while driving along SLEX he saw the space shuttle of Enchanted Kingdom. We took the next exit that read Greenfield, I think. And we turned back and reached Sta Rosa. Paseo Sta Rosa to be exact.


The Nike shoes husband had been dreaming of after not deciding to get it the first time we went to Paseo was still there; he couldn’t have been happier. In fact, it was THE reason we went back. Cost P4.5k which is lower than the price tag in Amazon $117.  Last pair so he got that right away. No chance of one shoe being lighter/darker than the other as the pair was on display. Size 13. Perhaps its hugeness explains why no one had bought it yet.

Note that in Paseo, some stores open as early as 930, especially those along the highway, but there are stores like Timberland that open at 11, Manila style. They don’t sell the wallets I saw in TImberland Marikina which was disheartening. I was hoping the outlet store would have it and sell it cheaper. 😦

Had lunch at ZONG(‘s?). Chinese food basically but Asian fusion also, waiter said. We were early and got a table easily. Later when we passed by it was full.

Bought shirts at discounted prices in Marks & Spencer, two of them as low as P235! That felt good. I couldn’t believe it actually. Note that the original tag prices of these shirts was P700 plus. Bought a blouse that sold at 50% off.

The trip to Sta Rosa was quick and we didn’t stay long either. After NIke, ZOng, TImberland and Marks & Spencer, we went home. Easy drive and we didn’t lose our way anymore. 🙂


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