Hits and Misses

Found a recipe for achara online that I may even have shared. The proportion of sugar to vinegar was 1:1. When finally I tried the achara after a few days, there was no hint of vinegar at all so it didn’t taste to achara-ish. I googled and found another recipe for achara that said 4 cups vinegar for 3 cups sugar. As the achara I ahd made had 1 cup of each, I decided to drain the achara and re-boil the liquid portion with 1/4 cup vinegar. Now that was more like it.

The inasal recipe I shared from pinoycookery.com was a decided winner. HHA cooked it in the double sided fryer (I can’t remember the exact name) that I got from a TV shopping channel. It was so good. It didn’t want for flavor and the chicken was so tender and juicy.


Had dinner with my sister and husband in Lugang at SM Aura. The sweet and sour pork was very good and so was the roasted duck. We got the solo portion of the latter and it was enough for the three of us.. This plus fried rice and crab and corn soup. We finished everything but for the soup which didn’t have a crabby taste at all.


At Zong in Sta Rosa, we ordered sweet and sour fish (husband’s choice) and roasted pork was it? Both good. Also ordered hakaw and steamed pork. The hakaw was very generous with shrimps, the steamed pork was really spicy. Not as good as Lugang but not bad either. The place is always full unless one is super early.


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