Today I’m being driven nuts…

 Before 3 a.m son sent a message that he was having vertigo. He felt nauseated and dizzy. That wouldn’t have been so scary were he not alone by himself and in some foreign land. But he was both those. I called him on FaceTime and he said he couldn’t sleep but apparently I had awoken him. 

The past two days he’d start the day by sending us a photo of himself, garbed for work. This morning, he didn’t. I used the Find Your Friend app of my phone but he couldn’t be found. I hazarded that he must have gone to work. I emailed him and he confirmed it – he was at work and feeling “ok naman”. Whew.

An hour or so ago, got this text message from husband:


Now you know why I’m feeling the way I do. As I type this, I hear the car horn – husband is home. Hopefully, the car wasn’t where the bomb was planted.

When things like these two happen, I can only pray……






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