Paying my Meralco Bill online Feb 2014


When I got my Meralco bill this pm, as is my wont, I proceeded to pay it online. Wait, let me correct that, I thought I was proceeding as usual except that I couldn’t. Again, as is my wont, because I have two Meralco bills, I matched the bill’s account number with the account number registered. But let me correct that, I tried but they didn’t match. Neither of the two numbers registered online matched the account numbers in the two bills.

I called BPI and the person who took my call was equally clueless. He told me info I already knew – the numbers didn’t match.

So I called Meralco 16211 and talked to a human voice after the recorded voice delivered its spiel. The human voice did admit that the numbers had been changed, so if one pays online, one should re-register the new account number. Which number is the new account number? Look under ATM/Phone Reference No. at the bottom of the bill. Omit the first zero and enroll the next 10 digits that follow the first zero. As you well know the Phone reference number would be the last 5 digits that you would have to input in a separate box. And you’re done. After you enroll, the new number is active and you can immediately pay your Meralco bill online.

Whew. I must admit I fretted. Luckily, the solution was immediate and effective.

As requested, here’s a screen shot of the Meralco bill. The number you enroll online would be the second to eleventh digits under the ATM/Phone Reference No. box. Once you’ve done this, you can pay online anytime and merely indicate the Phone Reference No. each month as this varies per bill.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.06.46 AM


Update: To get a better and more reliable view of how you should go about enrolling Meralco in BPI online, check out this link. 


12 thoughts on “Paying my Meralco Bill online Feb 2014

  1. Just for info, for BDO online banking it’s a REQUIREMENT to use the number with a leading zero as shown in Phone/ATM reference number (it needs to be a 11 digit number).

    For BPI it seems that the first zero shall be omitted, but this is NOT THE CASE for BDO!

    All this Meralco stuff is a lot of hassle. I wonder why they changed the Account Numbers at all, it has the same length as before…. just a different number! Stupidity?!

  2. I’m confused, which numbers do we enroll? Is it the first 10 numbers (with the first zero omitted) or the first 11 numbers? Please clarify. Thanks!

  3. This is really helpful! The only way I know how to pay my meralco bill is thru BPI online and when it suddenly stopped working, I also stopped paying. :))) Thanks!

  4. Posted a screenshot as requested. The ATM/Phone reference No. is on the lower left corner, right below the breakdown of charges. Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you — paying online through BPI for all these merchants is risky as the enrollment form is generic and there’s no assurance that it’s being validated across the merchant servers.
    User makes a mistake, user takes blame.

    Would you mind posting a screenshot of the bill pointing to where to find the ref number?

    Thanks again 🙂

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