Perfumes and your bag

Perfume- I feel a tad naked when I step out of the house only to realize that in my haste I had forgotten to put any on. But this post isn’t about that but on cautionary tales re perfume.

i have some jewelry that upon purchase I ask on their care. It’s always the same – don’t let perfume touch it. If you have to put on perfume, do it before you put on your jewelry, the seller in a store from which I bought a pearl pendant said. But I learned a lesson first hand yesterday.

see I sprayed on perfume. I’m not sure if I had my fuss chia bag on my lap then but the next thing I saw was a long dark pink stain along my inner wrist. First reaction – alarm. What’s this? I rubbed it and it came off easily. Hhb conjectured that my inner wrist where I had sprayed perfume on touched my bag. Oops, could my white top be stained too? I checked and heaved a sigh of relief when I saw it wasn’t.

Then I remembered a relative’s dilemma. She had just arrived from Italy where she bought a Louis Vuitton bag, not a leather one but still an LV  bag. She was using it when she saw a blue stain on it which she blamed on her Uniqlo jeans. After yesterday’s experience I now wonder if it could also have been attributed to perfume.

moral of the story: dry the spot where you have just sprayed on perfume, oops correct that, allow said spot to dry before letting it come in contact with anything colored. Perfume has alcohol that can stain.

Now I recall another perfume related incident. I had on a cream blouse, all set for son’s confirmation. Sprayed perfume on my blouse so it would smell good. We’ll it did for some hours but the stain stayed on forever.


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