Shangrila on Armageddon Monday or Trafficgeddon Monday (17 Feb 2014) – Whatever

Okay, I was a good girl yesterday. I stayed home although it was a Sunday. Unusual? Well, there was a lollipop waiting in the wings. Today, Monday, husband didn’t have work, so while Sunday we didn’t go out, Monday was waiting.

But of course having read about the traffic horror Monday would bring, I was a tad scared. No, I was very scared although when I really thought of it, I imagined traffic till Shang shouldn’t be too bad considering that it’s far from the affected streets.

We left the house at almost 11 and by 12 we were in Shang. That’s not longer than usual really, on a weekday.

Had lunch at Italianni’s – 6th floor of the East Wing – in the area where Johnny Rockets and Texas Roadside Grill is. While pasta doesn’t thrill me, husband likes it to the max. Feeling anxious about son, I was amenable to eating wherever and whatever. My penitence in exchange for his wellness? To be a good girl?

Anyway, back to Italianni’s. Okay, if there are restos where you are ignored, in this resto, attention is an overkill. As in. I was anxiously checking my mail and FB (take note, anxiously?!) and they kept butting into our table. First this girl, then another, then another. I was getting vertigo like son. I exaggerate but you get the drift. It was close to annoying. They came to get our order, then came again to offer their bistro card, then again to ask if everything was okay, then if I wanted cheese for the clams? Then to ask if I wanted melted cheese or parmesan cheese? Then to ask again if everything was okay? It was dizzying, the attention was. The kind where you’re about to put something in your mouth when one of the girls comes and asks how’s everything? seriously. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Okay that’s an exaggeration again, but you know? Sigh. One big sigh.

Re the Bistro card, I had availed of this before but I either lost it or it had expired which was why it wasn’t in my bag? I didn’t want to agitate myself too much, given the bigger worry that was my son’s condition. So why did I even go out? To distract myself, in truth and in fact, from thinking too much about it.

Oh back to the card – where before I think it cost P1500 (Or P1000), the card they have now costs P2500 but has the following perks – 6 coupons for an appetizer in their restos: Watami, Bulgogi Brothers, Flapjacks, Friday’s, Fish &Co, Krazy Garlic, Village Taverna, Siklab, Moderen Shanghai and Tonkatsu. Other perks: 20% off food bill, 25% off bill on birth month (I couldn’t use card today because activation takes 24 hours), 30% off bill every Monday (shucks, it’s a Monday today but activation takes 24 hours), 40% off dining voucher up to P3000 spend, complimentary single serving of coffee or tea per visit. Not a bad deal especially if one frequents the Bistro Group’s restos. My favorite among them is Bulgogi Brothers, hands down.

Now that excessive attention – I was wondering if it had to do with the card on each table that asks you to text a number if there’s anyone you’d like to commend among the personnel. But guess what? Our table didn’t have that card. I remember this feature from the past. And I saw some tables that had it. Oh well, if you overdo something, I’ll ignore you completely. really. It doesn’t come out as sincere anymore.


True Value  – its ditty might as well be “We’ve got it all for you”. Earlier before leaving home, my sister and I were on the phone. She said she had long been looking for turtle food and found it in TV. Today we bought light bulbs, a lamp, a water purifier (HHA said the existing one Megafresh has sprung a leak), a faucet and I can’t recall what else. Very good personnel too. Speaking of turtles, our’s which is 10.5 years old has wounds in his legs and refuses to eat, HHA said. 😦 My sisters have older turtles and no problems with them. Oh well. My bane. And guess what? When I went out to the garage, husband asked HHB, pinatay mo na ang tanim dito? Guess what? She uprooted it though she says it uprooted itself and the tanim? My beloved atis tree, okay it was planted by my previous yaya now gone. Both of them forever. 😦

Marks & Spencer – I chose a blouse and asked if it being my birthmonth, I’d be entitled to a discount because of my M&S premium card. Wrong. I should buy it three days before or three days after or on my birthday. Bummer. So I have to go back to get a discount. I asked them to reserve the items. Will I go back? Depends on my finances by then.

Tempur – under renovation in their old store (3rd floor? 4th? I can’t recall) I think 4th. THought it had closed for good but asked a security personnel dressed in linen barong where it was. He said go straight, same floor. FOund it. And because they’re undergoing renovation they give 10% off on all items. Hooray. Bought my doctor a present in lieu of free consultation. Ashamed to just say thank you.

Dune – this is on the second floor of Shang East Wing. I was attracted to the flat sandals on its store window. Plus the word that spelled S A L E. Entered and checked out what I saw: two of the five colors of the same style were selling at 40% off, I think but I wanted the white one. So I had to pay in full. But wait, it’s an SSI store, so I paid cash to get 10% off. It’s a London brand but the sandals were made in Turkey. Thong type, as usual. Couldnt’ find a white one online so this photo of its black version will have to do.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.43.50 PM


Pandora – has some items for sale. Jeanelyn who attended to us was so nice, the nicest I’ve ever interacted with in any Pandora store. And guess what? I saw an artista. Husband said, “Di ba artista yan?” I looked. Jennylyn Mercado (The spelling of her name – is that correct?). She is soooooooo beautiful – just like on TV. She was very simply dressed in white, had an alalay with her, an old lady. She initially had shades on then removed them. She left before we did and when she saw me, she said “Good afternoon po.” Hay, I must look so old or kagalang galang? Or she is just so polite? I couldn’t help it, I said, “YOu are so pretty.” She smiled and said “Thank you po!” I was so tempted to ask if I could take her picture but I was too shy. I didn’t want to invade (violate? whatever) her privacy.

The raffle promo of Shang will end on Feb 21. Raffle date is Feb 22. Please don’t forget to show your Mastercard receipt along with the store receipt and the card itself if you want to avail of free parking ticket and double the number of raffle coupons.

I think that’s it?


Going home wasn”t a breeze but was just normal again.


Re my son’s condition – he has been having dizzy episodes. He read up on the symptoms and pronounced that he has BPPV. He went to the HMO across his office in HK and his diagnosis was confirmed. What is BPPV? Read about it here


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