NSO Online

Time was when requesting for a birth certificate or marriage certificate required going to NSO, or farther back in the past, going to the Civil Registrar in the municipal or city hall.

Then came the option of calling Teleserv and paying for one’s request in a Metrobank branch.

I thought the said option remained the only convenient way of doing so and so I have largely been ignoring NSO’s FB posts until just a few minutes ago when feeling lazy to do anything more active, I’ve been slowly taking in whatever is online, among them my yahoo email account which I seldom visit because of the so many offensive messages I get – if you have a yahoo account you know what I mean – and saw some gems there.

Then on FB, I also slowly looked at posts I’d normally scroll past. One of them was this one:Image

Hooray, now I need not ask HHA or HHB to go to Metrobank to pay for my birth certificate request; I can actually pay online. True, it’s double the cost of going to NSO but nothing comes free, so one pays for the convenience of not leaving home…



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