Wary Me

When you suddenly hear from someone from out of the blue and she tells you while you’re chatting in FB that she’s in business, be wary.

Yesterday, I suddenly got a FB message from a former student. It started out this way, harmlessly enough, with a HB (happy birthday) greeting out in the open. Then she moved to PM (private message). Her opening spiel:



4 thoughts on “Wary Me

  1. Hahahaha! Totoo, afraid ako sa ganyan.
    Pag biglang may nag-chat sa akin na acquaintance or classmate na hindi ko naman ka-close, my guard goes up, and true enough, in a few minutes, may binebenta na. Sa totoo lang, I sometimes feel offended. Parang naaalala lang ako pag may kailangan…

    • Di ba? At ang binebenta pa health drink, with emphasis on health. Kung chocolate yan baka i-try ko pa or pagbigyan ko. Pero etong clase ng product, sorry. And I’ve seen a friend who used to take it become slim then fat again. I guess she has gone off it, so (but) why? Di ba?

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