YouTube finds – interesting


First I saw the above on a former tutee’s FB timeline, clicked on it and watched some of the videos in the article, the most engaging one for me being that of a Russian student, all 19 years old of him, who chose to learn to speak Tagalog in Moscow. The video:

I was intrigued by the first video which refused to be uploaded:


So I googled and found this, which may not necessarily be the video that refused to be uploaded but involved the person identified above:

– look at that, when I viewed post, an error message came out again when I clicked on the play button, so check out this link instead.

One thing led to another and I found this one, still featuring foreigners, this time planting rice. It was by watching this video that I began to think I should appreciate the rice I eat and the farmers who have to do backbreaking work for me to enjoy rice. watch this:

I started to watch the feature on Bruno Mars’ family reunion but it was more than 15 minutes long. My attention span can only last so much, so abort.

I did realize through the opening commercial, though, how nice the hair of Heart, Sam and Toni are. :-p


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