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I’m watching so many Koreanovelas these days it’s near insane. All of them are ongoing and this explains why I’m watching so many simultaneously. After all there are 7 days in a week and only two episodes at an hour each per koreanovela. Do the math – in a week there are 168 hours to fill up.

But I don’t love them all equally. Just now I finished watching One Warm Word and it might well be my favorite among them. Episode 19 is one of the tenderest I’ve ever watched, romantic too. I like One Warm Word because it doesn’t have criminals or scheming in a major way minds in it. It is more easily relatable to that way because how many among us have worlds rife with guns, goons and gold to begin with? It is angsty in an emotional way but not too angsty. Of course it helps that the actors, actresses and children in it are endearing. Come to think of it, this is one series where I never touch the fast-forward button.


A Little Love Never Hurts – I like most of the characters in it but not all, so I sometimes push the fast forward button whenever it’s the second family of one of the second lead characters on the screen. I enjoy the relationships and exchanges of the youngest couple in the show although as of the latest episode I watched, the trailer shows some angsty scenes involving the male of that couple.


Passionate Love – Oh boy if one were to look at the male lead, one doesn’t see passion there – it’s so without emotion. Reminds me of digs on Botox that I read in the papers. Has he gone through it? The series has occasional funny/romantic portions but you can bet that if all new episodes available for viewing come out at the same time, this will go to the back burner or will be watched last. Guess which one he is in the picture below?


Can We Love reminds me of the song “Ang Tipo Kong Lalaki” (ay medyo bastos). Not that the male lead here, the director, is bastos in a truly offensive way. But he is not one to give up. Thrilling if you like him but scary if you don’t. He has a lot of hubris but in a funny way. I like this series.


I Need Romance 3 – I watched 1 and 2 fleetingly, this one more than the first two. A bit of an unlikely pairing here – think a baby sitter and her ward after n years, but so far, it’s a case of unrequited love. The two male leads have a similar mannerism when they smile.


Lastly, there’s Golden Rainbow. Like Passionate Love guns, goons and gold are rife presences in this series. The first few episodes had children characters in them – and they were a joy to watch though the circumstances surrounding their lives were so painful one wishes that in real life no one had to go through the same. Life is no better when they grow up. If anything I like how the choice of the grown-up version of the unwanted son in the rich family. Spot-on. They have the same mannerisms.

The young cast:


Their grownup versionImage


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