This morning, went to mass and was fortunate that the celebrant was Fr. Arnel Aquino, SJ. When he saw me in the communion line and when it was my turn, he went down the step so he could come closer, smiled and gave me the Body of Christ. Fr. Arnel is one of the few priests whose homilies I listen to intently, who lives me thinking and agreeing to what he says. I felt so blessed to have heard mass this morning. I was smiling afterward. Wonder though where I can get a copy of his homily which I want to read slowly and quietly.


This morning, I got a text message from Johnny Air telling me I had to pick up something. It ended with “Total bill is P”. I was taken aback and texted back, “I didn’t order anything.” They texted back, “THis is free of charge. letter only.”

I was puzzled. who’d write me and send it through Johnny Air? Did I win a raffle? Okay, dreaming.

As I didn’t want to shell out cash for it to be delivered at home, I asked husband if we could get it from their Legaspi Village office as we were planning to go to Makati anyway. We did and guess who had sent the “letter”?


I said letter, right? So of course it wasn’t a watch I got but these:


Remember my previous post months back re the keepers of my son’s PS watch’s keeper gone kaput? So there, I’ll buy PS watches again if and when …. I need and can afford one.


My morning was flowing so serenely until we traversed Makati Avenue, was it? A man in yellow approached the car as we were waiting for the traffic light to turn green. He told my husband that we had crossed a red light earlier. Husband said it was green. He said that green was for pedestrians. I hadn’t noticed as I was checking my phone, but I know had my husband been guilty, he’d have been flustered and seen it coming. But he was calm and collected. Yellow Man 1 said to go to the side, then proceeded to say the thing was caught on camera (though of course he hadn’t checked it yet) and said there was nothing he could do. He had in his hand a ticket booklet. Husband said sorry, could we let it pass? Makati is alien to us to begin with. He asked from where we are. QC, husband answered. He said he’d have to issue a ticket and get the husband’s license, redeemable after 3 pm tomorrow at Makati City Hall. Husband said that would be difficult as he gets off work at 3:30. He asked where husband works, husband said he’s a teacher at the Blue School. YM1 asked where? Husband said QC. Had he said Makati, would he have been let off? Years back, a niece was riding in the car with us and we took a wrong turn. Traffic guy came and niece said sorry, we live in @@@ (subdivision in Makati). TG let us off.

YM1 said he’ll see what his chief had to say. He waved chief over. Chief said the same things – camera captured the violation etc. Husband repeated his story of having difficulty getting the license on a weekday. Chief said husband could authorize somebody. Husband said there was no one he could authorize as I was in a wheelchair and Sunday was the only chance I had to go out of the house. Chief suggested to authorize YM1. Husband said the latter looked surprised at the suggestion (when we were discussing the incident between us). Husband said to chief, and if I authorize him, what happens? What about my receipt? Chief said husband could get it from Makati City Hall. The exchange was getting nowhere. Fee would be P500, husband could keep his license but he’d have to write an authorization letter and get the receipt in Makati City Hall. The two men were unaware I’d taken their picture, Dare I post it here? Scared. Chief left us with YM1 still by the side of husband who stayed put in the car. Then Chief came back and said, “May kasama ka pala na naka wheelchair, sige okay na.” Being in a wheelchair could be beneficial; being with someone in a wheelchair could be beneficial. Non sequitur? Whatever.


In Power Plant where we went after, our first stop was lunch – at Ganso Shabuway. Ordered the 180 g Angus wagyu or something. And additional cod fish balls and mushroom balls. Carren attended to us, putting ingredients into the spicy broth. I had wanted a combination broth but husband said just one kind . So I was a good girl and chose just one – spicy. Weh. It was so spicy even for husband that he said I might not be able to hack it. I asked Carren what she was adding to it when the broth had been half diminished and she said “miso”. I asked if she could pour some onto my bowl and she said she’d pour out a little of the spicy broth – how sweet of her. And guess what? After the ingredients were cooked in the broth, she divided them equally between husband and me except for some balls which she left simmering in the broth. Then I asked, do we put this back in our bowls with broth and eat them as soup? She said no. She said we could dip the beef and veggies and balls in either or both of the sauces – sesame (Sweet) and the sweet and spicy sauce. Oh, we didn’t know that although we had eaten there thrice before, but I guess that’s the conventional way? I prefer the unconventional way of eating everything while still in the broth. Next time. And by the way, I put an entire ball in my mouth (difficult to break apart), not realizing it had just come from the boiling broth. Now I have a canker sore in  my inner upper lip or something. Pyralvex to the rescue when I got home.


Went to L’Occitaine to get my freebie as indicated in my SSI phone app. I was the second to do so, ergo they took a while to give it. It’s a mini one, jut right for one’s purse. No purchase necessary, yahoo!


When I checked my  SSI vouchers in my phone, I saw an unused but expired one that would have entitled me to a 15% discount from Make Room. Pity.


Husband went on an anti-cockroach binge today. He got three kinds: the injection type, the apartment type and the powder type. No, four. He also got Baygon spray. When will pests leave the face of the earth? They’re so disgusting.



Just outside True Value, I  “discovered” a pastry stall that was giving samples of their sans rival crumbs(?) and alfajores. Yummy both but the crumbs aren’t difficult to make  (one just has to fail making sans rival wafers) so I didn’t get any. As for the alfajor – have you tried the version in Good Shepherd Baguio? So good but how often can one get to Baguio? So I got a box of the one in Power Plant: 12 for P150.


They had on display, too, a cake with a chocolate base and light brown frosting. I asked what it was – chocolate cake with dulce de leche. I tentatively asked – do you have a sample? I was surprised when the lady said yes. I tried it and it was so good. Cake was moist and who doesn’t like dulce de leche? I’d have bought one (P400 for a 7 inch? round cake) but maybe next time. Not that I’m trying to lose weight but my finances are fast losing weight. Sigh. I hope I catch Sugarbee again. A slice goes for P70 but perhaps, I wasn’t too hungry either that I didn’t get even that. 😦


Now I’d like to pose a question. I uploaded a video that my friend wants to watch using her phone, but cannot. I checked my settings and it said something about copyright issues. I saw this video about disputing the claim so it can be viewed on mobile but I’m scared. Anyone know if it’s safe to dispute? Son said music danced to should be okay, it’s when music is used as background sound that is liable for prosecution. But still, I am scared… The instructional video on how to bypass the restriction:


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