Bad Couple

I watched all 16 episodes of this Korean drama in maybe 3 or 4 days. It has high moments, low ones.

the first 8 episodes were a lot of fun: three women friends with different fates – one a regular one, another an interesting one, and the last, an emotional one. They could have been you and your two friends, or me with two of my friends. The men: one was a rake, a philandering husband who fell for his subordinate at work, the other was a metrosexual – a photographer who wore a wig and put cream on his face at night, and the third, a nerd, a traditional man – tradition meaning old school, a bit naive in the ways and wiles of a modern woman. Oh and there was a fourth man – eye candy, a model, a rich man – young, who could ask for more? He had a good heart too.

But by Episode 9, things became a bit melodramatic for another woman, ergo that’s two women with tug-of-war lives. And the drama was structured in such a way that the director and/or writer seemed to want to give each of the three women equal exposure as the other two, never mind that one of the three had a really far more interesting life. And I guess because the telenovela was set for just 16 episodes, the last part of the 16th episode was a “six years later” thing.

Not bad really, in fact, it got a rating of 9 plus out of 10 in gooddrama. i much prefer it to the dramas where evil proliferates, but it could have used more oomph.

As for the title, who was the bad couple there? Was the title lost in translation? There was no bad couple in the strict sense of the word. Maybe they could have titled it – Three Women Friends? oh, that sounds so boring and literal though.

Here’s a promo poster of the series. But look, there are 4 women and just 3 men. Ironically, I didn’t even mention the 4th woman – I don’t wish to confer importance on an other woman. So where’s the fourth man? I must find a photo that has him in it.


Uh oh, not one group picture with him in it? But he deserves to be.

Okay, here’s a solo photo of him then:


And look at what else I found out about him:

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 8.25.03 AM


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