Wasted opportunity

In a previous post I mentioned an abysmal interview, okay question asked of LKY by a Filipino scholar of his. A few minutes ago, Michael Martinez was a guest in 24 Oras. The questions were such standard ones husband and I knew what the answers were even before Michael opened his mouth:

In Tagalog, the male host asked:

How did you feel immediately before the competition? – Scared.

Who was (is) your inspiration? – My mother

What are your plans? – to prepare for the next Olympics

What is your message to the Filipinos? – To dream and work on that dream

True,  the questions and answers above may not be a hundred percent accurate but you get the drift.

Michael could well just record his answers and click the recorder of his phone when interviewed, because chances that he’ll be asked the same questions and give the same answers are high.

Possibly, the Professional Heckler could have come up with more intelligent and interesting questions. So would Prof. Randy David. How is that possible? They research… A background on one’s guests is essential for an interviewer to ask non-standard questions.

Given a chance, I would like to ask MM a few questions myself:

– Why did you choose the following music –Romeo and Juliet? Malaguena? Bohemian Rhapsody?– to skate to?

– Did you make friends with any skater? Too probing?

– What routine do you still have to work on?

– Who’s your favorite skater among the three medalists? The non-medalists?

In an interview this morning Michael talked about his Matrix routine and the one most male skaters don’t do. I guess the interviewer this morning was better prepared? More involved?


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