Paying someone from afar

There are a few options, I guess, far more than one I was familiar with – to pay online. Of course another would be to deposit over the counter if one knows the payee’s account number.

But suppose the payee is too shy to give her account number, what to do?

In the past, one would clandestinely put cash in an envelope secretly and mail it through the post office but this is verboten. Or one could buy money order. 

Yes, another one too is to insert a check clandestinely in an envelope and send it via courier. I was “tempted” to do this buy my HHs say JRS Katipunan is very strict. Remember the tiny flashlights they refused to accept that I wished to mail to Dumaguete?

So I sent HHB along to just mail 3 mass cards – one for a friend’s sister, another for a friend’s mom, and a third for my son’s badminton mate who’s the friend of the parents of his classmate with whom he plays badminton. I owed the second recipient for cosmetic stuff so wouldn’t it have been convenient to just insert it in the same envelope?

After HHB had left, a text message from a friend said she’d do that – put the check in an envelope and send it via courier. To avoid detection she would put a sheet of bond paper around it.

What to do? I called the Katipunan branch of JRS, no answer despite several attempts.  I called either the Cubao or Pasig office where a confident sounding man said I could send a cross-checked, no problem. I asked if I could put it in the same envelope as the mass card. He said to go ahead.

I pressured HHA to rush to JRS without changing into panlabas clothes and she caught up with HHB when the latter was on the way home. But HHB went back to JRS and yes, was able to insert the envelope in the mass card.

My initial wariness re doing that also stemmed from a memory of how in the past sending a combination of letter and stuff in a box was verboten. But the world has changed, I guess. yippeee. Savings generated there. Whew.



4 thoughts on “Paying someone from afar

  1. Where did my reply to this go?!!! Jrs has its moments, I’ve gotten mad a few times. But stealing money is such a bad thing to do. Good you had enough for bus fare!

  2. Buti pumayag ang JRS. Went to LBC today to send my one-workday draft. My document was neatly placed in a sealed envelope…then they asked me to open it for inspection. Grrr. Required daw to ensure there’s no money or check inside.

  3. My first bitter memory of JRS was when I was an intern assigned to a rehab center in Bataan. My mom sent me money, and when I received it, it only contained my mom’s letter, with the cash missing. I know sending money is prohibited, but it doesn’t change the fact that they opened the letter and took the money. They could have opened it while my mom was there and returned the money with a warning that it’s prohibited, but they didn’t and instead took something not theirs. Good thing I had enough for bus fare. 🙂

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