SM Megamall D and more

Hoping to get Tim Ho Wan’s pork bun, I asked husband if we could go. Alas and alack the resto has yet to open. So we went around the ground floor instead and saw Panda (which has glass stands?) which sells shades with bamboo frames, Uniqlo, Pandora, Flip (Fit?) Flops, etc. Rode the huge and clean elevator and asked what the fifth floor held- skating rink! I asked if Michael Martinez had come and was told he’d be here at 4pm. The 4th floor has the bowling alley, the third restos. So of course that’s where we are now, in Boqueria. Feedback later. Hungry


Now at home so here’s the   assessment of Boqueria. It’s a Spanish resto so it has the regulation salpicao, paella, gambas, calamares. Except that we didn’t order the regular calamares but the one with mayo sauce served en su tinta. The gambas was good but tasted different from the usual gambas.


The paella we chose was the one with manchego cheese and chorizo that reminded me a bit of Terry Selection’s chistorrado paella. The Boqueria version wasn’t as rich though, maybe because the cheese was manchego. Terry’s uses edam.

The calamares was not chewy but soft


Instead of salpicao we ordered cocido de madrilena that had pork, beef, chicken and veggies. Everything was okay, even the churros con chocolate. Pictures follow.


Incidentally, Boqueria is Marvin Agustin’s again, with Raymund Magdaluyo as partner.

Oh here’s one more photo – of how they serve Coke and water:



After going around a bit more in Building D, we went to Building B which is so connected to D that one doesn’t notice the transition too much. There we went to Power Mac as the power thingy of my Mac  has wire partly exposed. Husband said it might explode and destroy the Mac.

The person who attended to us was patient and knowledgeable. He asked what model my Mac was. For air one gets the 85 something model, for the Pro, the 60 and for the 15 inch, the 45. I told him what the problem was with my power something and asked how it could have been avoided. See, my older Mac’s power thingy also showed the same damage.

He said one has to be sure not to just wind the cord any which way. He showed us how. I asked husband to do it at home so I could share it with you.


Another thing – I asked the man re husband’s fear that if the power thingy explodes or something,  the Mac might be affected. He said no because the power thingy has a fuse which will contain any damage. He advised not to get a generic thing therefore which don’t have fuses.

While at Power Mac (3rd floor of Building B), I saw this child playing with one of the display phones. So I asked the man if they also sold phones. I know, what a DUH question. He gave me a flyer and I saw the prices – for  a 5S the cheapest was P35k. I asked what the advantage was of getting a phone from them versus getting one from Globe. He said getting a phone from them meant getting an open line; ergo, if you travel abroad, you can buy a SIM there and use your phone still. If you get a phone from Globe or Smart, you cannot use it abroad because it’s locked in, unless you do roaming which might be more expensive than getting a SIM from whatever country you’re in. That made sense.


At Building A when we were about to get inside the elevator, a swarm of women entered after us but before a family of three with a baby and a stroller could. Then the elevator girl announced that someone had to get off because there was a blind woman and her companion who had to ride the elevator as well. The young family of three had a conscience and got off the elevator. Meanwhile one of the swarm said loudly, “Hindi naman kailangan pagbigyan yan e, dapat first come first serve.” The blind woman was in line after the family.

My husband tsked tsked loudly while I couldn’t contain myself. I really said, “Mali kayo. Tingna niyo yung sign  sa labas ng elevator – Always give priority…”


I was expecting that woman to answer back but she was quiet. I don’t know if she made faces behind my back but I was just too disgusted to shut up.

Actually the elevator girl could have been more firm, but she was not. Another elevator girl in a subsequent elevator we rode really went out of the elevator and did like a good traffic cop would. She barred anyone from entering before a woman in a wheelchair could get in. No, that wasn’t I; I was already inside.

So there. DIfferent strokes for different elevator personnel.


Back to the mundane: I saw a stall that read “Patiserrie Chef Jacqueline Laudico” on the second floor of Building D. Was excited and got one – a dulce de leche flavored chocolate which girl said was a best-seller; husband got the barako. Here’s mine:



2 thoughts on “SM Megamall D and more

  1. Waaah! I was in Mega A. Today. Until around 4:30pm. Sayang.
    Argh! And you found those chocolates?! Tsk. Gift ko pa naman ‘yan sana sa yo. Pwede pa rin ba? 😉 Haven’t tried all the flavors. Verdict?

    Meanwhile one of the swarm said loudly, “Hindi naman kailangan pagbigyan yan e, dapat first come first serve.” > Ang tigas ng mukha, di ba?! My mom often has to give way to able-bodied people when we pass narrow hallways, get on the escalators, and take the lifts. Minsan makikipag-unahan pa sa amin sa table sa coffee shops. And I really wish them karma, if that’s the only way for them to learn compassion and kindness.

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