My 58th birthday in pictures – but there’s something amiss

ImageFlowers from husband.

ImageCreme brulee compliments of Ninyo

google from Google! TPS…… swoon.

But an empty vase stands in my being which should have been filled with flowers from my son who ordered online from (he’s not in the country), because they failed to  come.

The flowers were supposed to be a surprise from him but I guess, as I didn’t acknowledge having received any, he had to ask if I had. I said no and perhaps he was incredulous so he asked to talk to his father who said no flowers had come except for those his father got from the corner flower shop.

Bummer, islandrose.

Makes me wonder how many other people’s days have been  rendered incomplete by your remissness. And to think it’s not a busy day today, unlike Valentine’s Day.

Oh well.


8 thoughts on “My 58th birthday in pictures – but there’s something amiss

    • Yesterday, I completely forgot about them and realized that I had when husband at 4:30 asked if they came. I said no and since I was too fed up with islandrose as they didn’t call me back as promised the day before, I decided not to call them anymore. The flowers are sadly nowhere in sight. I just hope they didn’t charge my son yet or if they did, that they would refund him– though son is skeptical they would if ever. They also didn’t answer my email to them. So different from lasrosas. So, so different. It will be lasrosas for me forever.

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