S&R Shaw Boulevard

Months back, I saw the FB post of a friend on S&R in Shaw’s opening day. While it should have closed at 8 or 9, way past closing time, there was a long line of people still waiting to get in.

My curiosity was piqued and since then I had wanted to check out the place but the opportunity didn’t come until yesterday when sister and I rode the Wheelmobile and could choose to go anywhere.

We told Mang Roger to take us there. He was familiar with the place he said, but when we were in front of S&R ,there was no obvious way to get to it easily. He asked a traffic aide who said we should have turned elsewhere but kindly suggested for us to move forward a little and make a U-turn to S&R. After we had done that, another traffic aide accosted Mang Roger and said what he had done was verboten. Am I the jinx here? Mang Roger invoked the instruction given by the first traffic aide and after some hemming and hawing, we were allowed to proceed.

S&R has an elevator we were led to by the guard. Right, S&R Shaw is not on the ground floor but is on L2: a sign saying the elevator was for Senior Citizens stood before the elevator; for the able bodied there was the walkalator. We took the elevator. ( Saw an able bodied young lady take the elevator. So much for the sign)

Thus far this is the cleanest and best lit of the S&Rs we’ve been to. It was around 11 past when we got there but there wasn’t a huge crowd, making relaxed shopping possible. Except that our stomachs were grumbling. Luckily there were tables that offered samples of grilled chicken breast, cubed cupcakes, etc. They allowed us to stave our hunger and shop a little. I was with sister and couldn’t indulge as much as I normally would. If you’re the youngest in the family you’ll know why.

Anyway, one recommendation – the walnut coffee muffins which are so soft and great tasting; a pack has 4 pieces. Really good. Had there been no sample I would not have dared buy it because cupcakes tend to be tough and dry. But having tasted this, I knew it was worth buying.

To go back to business, so you won’t get lost going to S&R, below is the picture of a map to it. From EDSA, turn right to Shaw. S&R is after Wack-wack, I think it is located where Cherry Foodarama used to be.

While in Shaw, stay on the right after Wack-wack, turn right into Lee Road and follow the road; it  loops back to Shaw on the other end. That it does,  I guess, makes you do a U-turn of sorts so you won’t have to contend with traffic cops. S&R will be to your right.


Incidentally, beyond S&R still on the same side is Pure Gold. Son who used to be a part-owner of a small business in school would  shop there for supplies. Prices are low he said, or more accurately, lower than in most other supermarkets.


6 thoughts on “S&R Shaw Boulevard

  1. haha no, not moi! 🙂
    and no, we neither knew where to turn, have to ask the traffic aide too.
    yay! have to go back to try the muffin 🙂
    no wonder saw people buying them.

    • Really? It’s good to know we weren’t the only ones who had difficulty deciding on where we had to turn.

      Aside from the muffins, try the mini-brownies (small round ones) which i like also. I heat them and eat this with raspberry jam on the side. Feeling Cibo’s flourless chocolate cake. Refrigerated, they lasted for weeks. Haven’t tried the lemon ones though.

  2. Same experience with the traffic, we’ve been visiting that branch more often now than Congressional or Fort, nearer in distance. Lost on where to turn, lack of directions

    • I have never been to Congressional but sister has. After seeing the one in Shaw, she said she’d not go to Congressional any more. Wish they’d put up directions though. So stressful to be stopped by traffic cops. 😦

    • Whaaat? Wow, such a coincidence. I wonder – were you the lady trying a muffin and to whom I said, try the coffee one – it’s good! – Imagine if you were she/ she were you! But of course, you knew were to turn. My sister said S&R should put signs guiding prospective customers on where to turn or something.

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