ISLANDROSE – flowers still nowhere in sight half a day after they should have been delivered. What gives?

As of noon today, still no flowers in sight. I called up the company and still failing to get any feedback thereafter, I sent this email to their helpdesk:

I, the recipient of flowers, have to follow up my son’s surprise bouquet for me because it didn’t come on my birthday. My son is in HK now, ordered the flowers online on 24 Feb for my birthday yesterday  26 Feb. Last night he asked “walang flowers dumating?” I said “Wala, nag order ka?” He said yes, from island rose. I guess he was so incredulous that he asked to speak to his father, asking the same question – “Walang flowers dumating?” His father said, “eto lang o, yung binili ko,” while showing the flowers to son  using Facetime.

This a.m. I asked if he had followed up with you. He said he had but his laptop was in the apartment so he didn’t know if you had sent feedback. It’s 12:07 noon now and when I emailed, he asked and said”wala pa rin? Bummer.” The exact same word I used when I blogged about your slip – “Bummer”.

A few minutes ago I called your office 816 3091. Love del(?) answered. I followed up, she said she needed the order number which I didn’t have. Considering that you created the problem, I thought she’d say it’s okay, may I have the email address. But she reiterated her statement. So I got angry and she must have sensed it.

So now she’s checking and asked for my phone number. saying she’d get back to me. To begin with, wow, that was the least she could/should have done.

And how ironic – for a recipient to follow up a surprise? Do you see it? The irony, I mean?

How many hearts have you broken care of this kind of inefficiency?

I hope you answer me soonest. I’m sure my son will have learned his lesson from this experience.

What a disappointment.

My son’s email address is

He’s unaware of this email of mine, so should you wish to get mad at anyone for this irate email, direct it toward me, not him

********(my name)

My blog post on the missing flowers as of last night can be read here:


Called them up again after failing to get a follow up call from them. In the meantime, I saw this feedback on islandrose online. Most reviews previous to this were glowing; I guess slip ups are more the exception than the rule insofar as the company is concerned; it was just unfortunate that I was the subject of one such:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.34.18 PM


I took down this post to be fair to It’s been three and a half hours since we last talked (maricris of islandrose and I) during which conversation she said she’d email my son. He hasn’t received word from them.

I just called again (really disgusting for a recipient to be following up a surprise) and love del said Maricris was on the other line and had sent my son an email. No such email has reached my son. Love del said sometimes their email is slow …. I asked what time I could get feedback, she asked for my phone number again. And she asked for my son’s email address again to give to Maricris.

OMG.  This is just so disgusting. Earlier when I spoke to Maricris, she said she had emailed my son on the 24th re some info discrepancy. Son never got that either.

I guess our experience is akin to that of the person whose post I shared above. 😦


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