Eastwood on a Friday late afternoon till night

Traffic from Katipunan to Eastwood was not too bad; the other direction was really bad. Whew that we weren’t headed home.

Had dinner at Choi’s on the third floor of the mall, also accessible through the hotel. Ordered CHoi’s fried rice, sweet and sour pork and Chinese beef steak. The kropek appetizer was the best. Oh well, never more. Everything tasted tired. Reheated? So unlike food in Lugang that appears energized/new/fresh. But the waiters were cordial at least.

At Make Room on the 4th floor of Eastwood Mall, the security person dressed in linen barong as opposed to jusi and as opposed to a security guard’s get-up smiled at me. I recognized the face, of course. If wordpress had a throwback thursday… I kid. But you get the drift. I asked where we first “met” – he said Rustan’s Cubao. Okay, when was the last time I was there? Maybe 15 years ago? And for all we know, we met even farther back. My sister always tells me people readily remember me because I’m in a wheelchair — so be it; so it is, was, will be.


At Make Room husband had paid for an organizer before I remembered that my Rustan’s discount card could have meant 10% off the price he paid. Jhen overheard us and said we could still avail of the discount — they’d just have to void the earlier transaction. I hope SSI doesn’t chide Jhen for this because while it may have meant a loss of income for MR, the bottom line here is that Jhen did husband a favor that reflects well on not only her but MR, ergo SSI. So, if anything, she should be commended for going the extra mile. In other stores, they’d just say “hindi pwede”.


We  also went inside Crocs which is still on the third floor but near the center rather than at the corner where it used to be. The personnel there were so helpful. Alas, they didn’t have husband’s favorite slippers which he bought years back at a huge discount. These slippers were such a comfort to him even at the height of his plantar fascitis episode recently. That time he bought it, there were two colors available: this and black.  But the black pair was sold at the regular price so even if I wanted to say “tacky color” at the red, I kept my peace. I hope this pair lives forever in true Crocs fashion, especially because they don’t seem to have this on stock any longer. 😦

photo(19) photo(18)what’s so special about the slippers? The arch support which is the bane of plantar fascitis sufferers.


Went to Toys ‘R Us to find grandson by my sister number 2 a gift. So difficult to choose because there are so many possibilities: a drum, a basketball set, a baseball set —–  so what to get? I still have a little over a month to decide.


Bought a golf umbrella in Mizuno. It is huge. No, there are no golfers in the family but when one wants a person in a wheelchair and the one wheeling him/her to be adequately dry despite some  rain, a massive umbrella is in order. Colors available: white, black and blue. I’d have wanted white, husband chose blue.

Mizuno also has shoe bags on sale and a waterproof lightweight bag which personnel said could be used for laundry. This  has strings on either side that allow one to carry it backpack style.


EM no longer has a weekend bazaar of goodies. Sigh. The DVDs, CDs, Blue Ray videos are still around though, some selling for just P99.

In fact, on top of the table that had P99 video thingies was a poster of the movie of Alice Dixon, Andi Eigenmann, Christine Reyes, etc. I forget the title. I asked husband to ask how much because if it cost P99 I’d buy. Hahaha, it cost P600, so buy I didn’t.


A lot of stores have either disappeared or relocated in Eastwood. There were streamers indicating that Uniqlo would open where Office Warehouse and A Shop used to be.  On the other hand, we saw signs of the latter’s existence in one floor where they had some things on display at the center. I saw a sign of OW in an upper floor.

Make Room on the fourth floor used to be in the building perpendicular to  M&S, Dorothy Perkins et al. As earlier mentioned, it is now in EM on the fourth floor.

These changes were confusing and a a clear sign that we haven’t been in Eastwood for quite a while. Why?

Each time the mall elevator goes kaput, we have to take the service elevator which stinks. It really does.

That’s it for EM for now.


2 thoughts on “Eastwood on a Friday late afternoon till night

  1. Same here, haven’t been back to Eastwood for quite some time and when we last did a few weeks ago, went to Choi’s Garden for my son’s fave Chinese food. You’re right with your description on the food-they TASTED TIRED! And, wait staff were discussing work issues while serving. So, another on the scratch-off-the-list resto!

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