La Creperie, the fourth time around :(

Sui, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to their branch in Loyola Heights again.

Yesterday, went there for lunch with C. We ordered: corned beef with the following specs- fried garlic rice and scrambled eggs which we thought was practical given that we’d divide the dish between us. They offered to divide it before serving. Great, we thought. But when the dish came – sunny sides. Uh-oh. And the corned beef was a tad too salty – nowhere near as good as the one in Shang. It had no fat. To think I was hungry yesterday which meant anything I put in my mouth should have tasted heavenly; not so.

We also divided an order of truffle pasta with mushrooms and italian sausage. Not good either. Whereas it happens that in other restos when one orders truffle pasta, truffle pizza or anything truffle (french fries even)  a waft of  truffle assails one’s olfactory nerves in a nice way, exciting way, even, that wasn’t the case yesterday. I took my first bite, I didn’t  sense a hint of truffle. I was really trying to find it and at one point did. I took another mouthful, none there again. Guess what I was tempted to do? No, I’m not trying to be humbug here but I was really tempted to call HHB to bring the small bottle of truffle oil from the house to the resto so we’d enjoy the pasta better. But of course that would have been insulting. So I held my peace. Instead, I stopped eating the pasta and will have it for lunch. Then I can put a drop or two of truffle oil on it. But bummer, right?

The best  of what we ordered was the crepe churros style. It was crunchy like barquillos almost and was served with two small cups of thick chocolate. C and I asked if there was any difference between the two cups, we were told there was none.

So there…

We should have eaten in Ninyo instead where we always end up having happy stomachs.


4 thoughts on “La Creperie, the fourth time around :(

  1. Oh no, another scratch-off-the-list then 😦
    I remember having the beef tapa then, so did my son. Seeing Angus in the menu description of the beef was enough for me to salivate but unfortunately, there were more beef fats in the measly serving, though there were 2 sunny side up eggs in an order.
    Place is cozy, right? But sayang, we found it too pricey for the serving….

    • Yes, it is cozy and conversation is possible although the music can be a little intrusive. I find it a pity nga although the ramp is also so challenging I pity whoever is pushing me. Going up could be included in a triathlon or iron man thing – they should let the athletes ride a wheelchair and go through the ramp sans any help…

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