Quick Fix

photo(13)First I received this pendant that came with this black thingy – what is such called?


For the sake of brevity, let’s refer to it as a necklace. Maybe back when I was a teenager, I’d wear something )similar to ape an older sibling. It was hip(py) and in fashion. Fast forward to several years, such, be it made in leather, plastic or cloth(?), was indicative of a “tibak” (activist) which I’m not, so I avoided using anything of the sort. I always try to be true to myself. Thing is I liked the pendant, so I tried using a gold chain with it. But my gold chain is fine, so the pendant would turn around. So back to the black necklace.

When I wore it with the black thing, I suddenly felt the pendant fall. Luckily my stomach is big and I”m perpetually seated so I saw it perched on top of my tummy. I promptly asked husband to remove the black thing because without the pendant, I’d look even more tibak. I noticed what had caused the fall. The loop on top of the pendant had a gap. SO this a.m. prior to going out for lunch I had HHA close the loop. She tried but there was still a tiny gap between the two ends of the pendant’s loop.

As my friend and I were having lunch, I felt the black thing fall. And I saw why:

photo(15)Okay, I had seen that the latch of the black thing needed some doing to close. I had asked HHA to close it when she put it on me, but still…

So what options did I have left? To still use the black thing and good luck to me, get a gold chain to replace the black one. A thicker gold chain.

Actually, last Sunday I had looked at gold chains in Morelatto (Morellatto?) but these were sold at P6k at least with a heart pendant. I’m too old to wear one, I thought, oh okay not really but P6k? It wouldn’t tarnish I was assured. As beside or near Morellatto was Toscow which also sold gold chains, I checked out their chains. I think the chain is made of surgical something so it wouldn’t turn black, I was assured, but the chain was also more than P5k. Too expensive, I thought.

This pm as I had asked husband to take me to Eastwood where I had called to ask if they had a Size 22 (shhhh) of a “flame” colored blouse I had bought a size 20 of  in M&S Shang but which was too small for me, I thought of going to Murano on the second floor of Eastwood Mall. But the clerk there said they didn’t sell chains and she had no tools to even tighten the pendant. She suggested I go to Trends in SM where she used to work. But when could I go to SM? So even as we went around EM, I was on the lookout for a jewelry store. Then it occurred to me to check Mango on the ground floor where I had bought necklaces that weren’t really gold but had cute pendants (I lost my fish necklace 😦 but I still have the heart one — all sold at less than P1k). A lady in white near the cashier’s counter smiled at me and asked what I wanted. She helped me out but was tasked to do something else so Marge took over. She was just so nice and patient.

Here is what I got:


For P795 (?). I asked Marge to first let me try it as is, then to put my pendant in it


, then both pendants together:


Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I’m not a techie plus I’m lazy.

Anyway, I hope the point comes across: go to Mango for “jewelry” that’s not too expensive but is fashionable. If I were younger I’d patronize Mango. I also saw some nice bags there, even an envirobag of sorts that has a wallet to store it in when not in use. Colors are fashionista too.

Speaking of bags, across Mango is a store that sells various name brands, among them Kate Spade. Last year I was eyeing a bag (khaki (canvas) and white) that however wasn’t available in KS Power Plant. I didn’t pursue the finding of it in other branches because I didn’t want to spend. Tonight I saw it in that store across Mango selling at 35% off. But my pocket screamed, “don’t buy” so it’s still there….

Couldn’t find it online but it looks a little bit like this though more boxy and less formal

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.47.00 PM

Look at what I found in my Amazon.com wish list: the bag

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 10.52.47 AM


8 thoughts on “Quick Fix

    • Funny because after I saw it in Amazon, I looked for it here. Girl in Power Plant remembered it and offered to find it for me but I said no more na. Then last night I saw it. So tempting……

  1. I’m not very pawisin, but my skin is naturally acidic, and the few times I bought golden accessories from MNG, eventually nag-fe-fade or nangingitim. Pero di naman agad-agad.

    I like what you did with the pendant, slipping it in the cube. The pendant looks like it belongs there.

    • Oh… thanks for the head’s up re the gold accessory of Mango. The girl in Murano said the chain in Trends (SM) does not tarnish and can be bought by the inch. Once the MNG turns a color that’s not nice anymore, I’ll look up Trends. The one in Morellatto looks okay but so expensive to buy for just one pendant.

      Thanks for the compliment re the cube and the pendant.

  2. Good question. I did ask, “mangingitim ba ito?” Marge’s answer: “Pawisin ka ba?” Rather than answer that, I asked “pag mangitim ano pwedeng gawin?” Marge hesitated, so I suggested, “bibili na lang ng bago?” She said yes. So I will just have to wait things out. Anyway the loops of the pendant aren’t that gold to begin with. 🙂

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