Islandrose still

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A few minutes ago, son called. He asked, “Did you get the flowers yet?” For me this  issue is one I no longer want to think about, but I know had I been in his place, I’d want some closure.

I told him there was no sign of the flowers  yet. He then related said that in a previous communication, Islandrose pointed out that in his address he’d written Quezon City, “A Manila” – and this was confusing. He and I doubt that he had committed that faux pas. We’ve never lived in Manila so Manila has never figured in our consciousness whenever we’re asked for our address. Likely that mistake was given rise to by a flaw in their online form where one just has to click for answers to their questions.

Reason why son asked if I had gotten the flowers was that on 28 Feb they emailed son, apologized and said they’d deliver the flowers 1 March, which was yesterday. As son and I were talking this morning, he checked his credit card charges online and he had been charged for the phantom bouquet.

Oh well, so the saga goes on.



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