Mac and I

No, not the mac in mac’n cheese, but the techie Mac.

Among the three of us in the family, Husband (H), Son (S) and I, H is the most cautious. I think he has made an online purchase only once. So if he needed anything in the past, I would have to order it for him. S doesn’t order stuff online, he lives with what he sees in the Philippines. Me – I like ordering online except that when freight charges are imputed, I die a little.

As for the care of gadgets, H is uber cautious. Son is more relaxed, me I fret but (or because) I am not too careful. SO H more often than not has an anti-virus software in his laptop (not a Mac), son is confident Mac is invincible, I tend to side with son because it’s more convenient.

Recently, there were suggestions to update software to IOS 7.0.6. H did for his Mac mini, son upgraded to Mavericks and suggested I do the same so we could FaceTime while he was away. I obeyed son.

H said son and I should update our phones with IOS 7.0.6 software but son said he heard from friends that doing that for his 3g iPhone would slow it down. Though my iPhone is 4s I abided by son’s decision.

Then husband read news about security issues in the absence of IOS 7.0.6 and how this could affect bank transactions and online purchases. I became frantic. I checked my phone and realized I couldn’t download IOS 7.0.6 because it required 3.8GB of memory space(?). I had less than 500 MB left. I was aghast. So what took up the most space? My music library.

See, I synched my iPhone with the music in my laptop (or should that be the other way around) and didn’t leave out too many of the songs in my laptop library. Hence, the overcrowding. And there were duplicates to boot.

But with the threat, I decided to get down to business. I deleted music. I deleted photos. Still not enough space. I deleted some more, doing this piecemeal instead of through the laptop because with the reformatting of itunes through Mavericks (I think), I didn’t know how to do it through the laptop any longer. Imagine having 1700 plus songs to review? I thought I’d develop carpal tunnel syndrome. I prayed I wouldn’t. After several days, I managed to make my music library leaner, so with the photos. But still the space wasn’t enough. What to do?

I deleted software: Facebook, Candy Crush, Merriam Webster, Twitter, etc. and finally, everything was fine and dandy. I managed to have 3.8GB of space available. 

I downloaded IOS 7.0.6 which actually needed 1.6 GB of space and once it was installed, I had 3.2 GB on hand still. The discrepancy in figures, I imagine, can be accounted for by the amount of space occupied by the software IOS 7.0.6 succeeded.

Assured afterward, I began restoring some of my abandoned software: Facebook, twitter, etc. But I decided against downloading Candy Crush again.

Good girl? 

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