S&R’s barbecued ribs and butterscotch brownies

I had been seeing this whenever I’d chance about the roasted chicken in the grocery section of S&R. The chicken I decided to try out after lining up behind a Chinese lady who got two, I think. I had the temerity to ask her if it was good and she said yes. When I asked my son to get one, the lady advised him to get “yung maputi”. Since then, I’ve been buying the chicken once in a while. The ribs I had largely ignored for two reasons:

a. It was more expensive – I think by at least a hundred pesos

b. I had never chanced upon anyone buying it, so I had no one’s opinion to go by.

Last Wednesday, I decided to give it a try. I was shopping with my sister and was sure that under her watchful eyes I wouldn’t buy as much as usual so  the purchase of the ribs that were a hundred pesos more expensive than the chicken would not prompt her eyebrows to rise nor elicit a quip about my being such a spendthrift.

It’s Sunday now and it’s only today that I remembered having bought the cooked barbecued ribs. I had HHA prepare mashed potato (yes, just one potato) and whole kernel corn sauteed in butter and onions plus mushroom soup. Except for the mashed potato and the ribs, all else came from a can.

Verdict: the ribs are good. A tad spicy which was just as well because otherwise it would have been just sweet and nothing else. It was tender besides. As I still have Racks barbecue sauce I put a little of that on my plate.


Ergo, once in a while, I shall be buying those barbecued ribs for a meal at home. I think one slab can serve at least 3 people.


Also, I got a box of butterscotch brownies. They’re chewy but not tough and taste good, especially when heated after days in the refrigerator.


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