Suggestions please

Son was treated to lunch out by a Brit who brought with him his Indian wife and two children. What would be a good present to send him? He’s based in HK. With globalization and all, deciding on the matter seems more difficult. Back when I was in grade school, my father took pride in sending a box of San Miguel beer to the families of our girl scout guests from the US. I think San Miguel had a hub or something that allowed this. take note that beer was then sold in bottles and not cans.

Please help me by suggesting options. I’m so out of touch on matters of this regard.


I’ve gotten suggestions from relatives and acquaintances, among them dried mangoes, Boy Bawang, chocolate covered dried mangoes. A nephew who’s taiwan based suggested a barong.

I called DHL in UP Diliman and the nice person there was the one who said Boy Bawang and cooking mixes are usually sent. Verboten: milk based products, chocolates, canned goods, meat.

Thus informed I called Blue Kitchen and reserved garlic chips (brother-in-law of my husband who’s an American loved BK’s thinly sliced chips), banana chips, and camote chips.

Called DHL Marikina as it’s easier to send HHB there than to UP but the guy there said no food products, period. When I cited that the guy in UP said these were okay, Marikina guy said, “Ay ma’am, siguro hindi niya pa na experience na hindi makalusot ang ganyan.”


So it will have to be a polo barong. Eugene of Bergamo said I can order and they’ll finish it quickly. But I cannot go there now so I hope he will send some designs I can choose from. Operating by remote control can be so cool but sometimes it’s not possible.

there’s a wrapping station in the East Wing of Shangrila, lower ground level so I’ll look at the boxes there. Price range mentioned to me: 400 to 600. Whaaat? I asked if there were anything cheaper. The girl said P95.

I hope to find books by Filipino authors for the son and daughter, but for the wife, I don’t know what yet.


5 thoughts on “Suggestions please

  1. Or maybe in SM Aura, they may have more items. I say SM Aura since there is also another store there that I find interesting, it’s name is L’Indochine – they have items I don’t see in other stores, you may wish to explore πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks, Sui. Will try to go there. I’ve visited Kultura once in SM Megamall and saw very interesting items. How I wish they had a branch in Shangrila. Oops, wrong mall. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi, I always rely on finding something of interest in Kultura, don’t know why but it has always been my go-to store for anything uniquely Filipino πŸ˜‰

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