The saga ends

Early this pm, this box came. HHB said when I asked what it was, “LBC”. Whaaat????? I guess anything that’s delivered is LBC?


Here’s how it looked when it arrived:



Thought bubble: could flowers survive such packaging? I was scared for them actually. The box looked more like one with a rifle, handle and all.

At first glance, the flowers looked crush and the inside top cover had brownish stains:


Here’s how the portion below the flowers looked while inside the box:


Once lifted off the box, the flowers didn’t look too bad:photo(31)In fact they were beautiful:

photo(32)Inside the flowers was a card

photo(33)on which was typed son’s message:

photo 3(1)

The unfettered flowers in all their splendor, arranged in a vase with the card photo(34)Saga duration: (24 Feb 2014 when order was placed for delivery on the 26th of Feb – 3 March 2014 when order was delivered. Do the math)


4 thoughts on “The saga ends

  1. Same reaction when I read the title “finally!” Buti na lang hindi mo siya boyfriend…kundi break na kayo at kasalanan ng delivery 🙂

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