Buying thank you presents

photo 2Yesterday I called Bergamo and spoke to a Eugene. I said my name and added I’m the one in a wheelchair- presumptuous, I know. But he remembered me. I guess my intonation has a lot to do with people remembering me, coupled with my wheelchair and my kakulitan. What’s the English word for the latter?  Someone help.

Eugene was very helpful, assuring me the linen polo barong would be finished in 24 hours. He had someone send me designs via email, guided me in choosing, and kept his word about the shirt’s being ready! Kudos.


Next stop – something for the missus. Proceeded to Rustan’s on the third level, Filipiniana section. The one who attended to me had a tendency to be impatient and was not very enlightened nor enlightening. When I asked how much a tambourine cost, he loudly announced P12k and put on a look that said “You can’t afford this.” Sensitive. Yes, I. But I can detect patronizing people easily. I’ve encountered quite a number in this lifetime. (Photo from google). If I need to buy a tambourine and decide to get one I hope this guy will attend to me. Yabang. Yes, I. But you know…..

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.22.23 AM


Though I saw chocolate- covered dried mangoes in nicely beribboned boxes (P525 each – this was suggested by my sister) and pili nuts of different preparations (garlic, chili, honey) in foil packs, I opted to skip choosing food as I wasn’t too sure this would be allowed into HK. Instead, I chose a neck piece that the guy said was mother of pearl shell surrounded by beads and held together by a cloth cord. Something like this except that the round thing wasn’t as perfectly cut and there were more beads on the round thing itself; the cord was black too.


Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.30.08 AM

Finally got to take a picture of what I bought:

photo 1

Also got an embroidered handkerchief for under 200 pesos and had both items bubble wrapped for the sake of the shell. Guy said it could break in transit if it was thrown hard. DHL…… please no.


The other day, for the 10-year old boy I got a Foldabots book from Fully Booked in Katipunan.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.33.43 AM

Today, for the 7 year old daughter I got a bracelet and necklace from Gingersnaps on the fourth level of old Shang. Why do I mention the level? Because I went to Level 5 which was wrong. ARrgh.

At Gingersnaps, unlike in Rustans’s , Catherine was the epitome of graciousness, patience, and helpfulness. She showed me different pieces and smiled even as I flinched at the skull charms. Remnants of Halloween past? (apparently not, see TPS’s comment below).

photo 4 photo 3


6 thoughts on “Buying thank you presents

  1. Yikes, nag flake ang paint? Baka nakakahiya ibigay? I was looking for their wooden ones I got for son’s goddaughter but they had none yesterday – baka na pullout na daw. I didn’t notice the coin purses. I’d have wanted to buy a shirt but I always choose the wrong size.

    • I think kaya nag-flake ang paint nung coin purse kasi I didn’t use it for a long time and sort of “nakulob” yung wallet sa loob ng drawer. Much better yata pag madalas gamitin.
      Didn’t notice the tambourine kanina. Parang overpriced (because my assumption is it’s not in gold).

      • I just posted the picture of the tambourine. YOu know, I wonder re its being gold too. My mother used to have one and it tarnished. I think tambourines are made in Bulacan? or Baguio?

  2. Staple ng Gingersnaps ang “cute” skulls (cute kasi may hearts), not just for Halloween. I once bought a coin purse there na skull ang zip pull. Very cute, but madaling nasira when I stopped using it — nag-flake yung paint. Dapat yata laging ginagamit.

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